Thursday, October 8, 2009

Psych Blows


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  1. By the fuck, Sean FTW!

  2. Well, if Jenna is single, I’ll say she wouldn’t be able to major in blowing…

  3. Silly Jenna

  4. For Sean’s sake I hope she Minors in Psych and Majors in Blowing… ha ha ha ha ha!

  5. Sean is clever. Jenna will definitely think twice before responding in future. And Andrew is praying that it was an offer for a BJ.

  6. From the scrambled image, Jenna looks pretty hot. I’d let her psych me… all night long.

  7. Andrew, a psychology class/degree is extremely useful, I’ll explain the many reasons why right after I seat this table of four.

  8. From the scrambled image? You must be really, really fat to be that desperate.

  9. Does it matter what the person blowing you looks like, really? I’m surprised by that… I was under the impression that most men would take a blow job however (or from whomever) they could get one.

  10. meh, depends on the type of man, and their standards for what a good blow jobs supposed to feel like

  11. @ Ben,
    1) don’t be rude,
    2) I was obviously joking,
    3) you don’t have to be fat, in order to be desparate

    haha @ SevanSins

  12. HAHAHA awesome.

  13. I don’t know what the hell she’s talking about. I *LOVE* Psych.

    That Detective Lassetir! When will he ever learn?

  14. *Lassiter.

  15. I wonder if the 4 people who ‘liked’ it did so before or after seans comment…

  16. swish

  17. I bet sean ‘jimp’d’ when he thought of that comment.

    Then woke up 7 hours later to remember to post it on Andrew’s status.

    I get the feeling Jenna might text or private message Andrew from now on.

  18. The first thing I thought of was that her minor was blowing. I didn’t think much of it. Sean’s comment made me laugh.

  19. The truth must be told!
    Jealous Sean is the one who
    Wants to blow Andrew

  20. @ mcowles
    Fuck off. I’ll be as rude as I like on a website dedicated to taking the piss out of stupid people on Facebook.

    I’ll keep being rude, you keep being fat and desperate.

  21. mcowles – 1
    Ben – 0

  22. boz is right as usual

  23. ROFL

  24. I remember the halcyon days, when this site started. The whole point was to be as rude as possible about idiots on FaceBook. No one used webspeak, and everyone was fair game.

    Oh well. I guess I’ll go home and cry myself to sleep because “Boz” thinks I have lost some non-existant contest.

  25. *existent.


  26. Ben – 1

    Boz – 0

  27. Boz – 1

    Ben – 1

    mcowles – 1

    Vincent – Fuck off, you lame cocksucker.

  28. The real lames are the ones who get mad at peoples two word replies over the internet. Even more so when they’re not directed to them. I can’t help but wonder what Boz is doing for you to have you all over his cock.

  29. Who me?

    I gave Ben a point too, I wasn’t playing favourites. Except to bag you, because I’ve read a few of your comments and you irritate me.

    The real lames are the ones who get mad at peoples nine word replies over the internet.

  30. i’m waiting.

  31. Psych – as the class might be boring
    Psych – the t.v show is the best show on t.v!:P

  32. Not mad in the least. Also don’t care if I irradiate you. Makes me rather proud actually. That means I affected you more than you did me. That means I win. Take that loser.

  33. Irradiate? Nice. I thought there’d be need to worry.

  34. Irritate* Stupid PS3 has choices on the side and I clicked the wrong one.

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