Wednesday, October 7, 2009



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  1. Seems to me like the guys name must be Gary.

  2. i know this guy and you guys have the wrong impression of him. he’s hilarious and i don’t know where you get he’s fat.

    you guys need to get a life and start to understand humor.

    fuck you

  3. What is he doing with his hand?

  4. tricia mcmillian

    @mcowles-but your boss is okay with you being on lamebook at work? i want to come work with you!

  5. @ F You – This pic isn’t funny and not too many people enjoy “toilet humor” anyway. Hardy har har…oh, and fuck you too.

    @ Obvious – I was wondering the same thing!

  6. You guys are all dumb.

    F You is this guy,
    and it’s obviously just one of those dumb little Myspace girls that take those gay pics of themselves, this guy is obviously a gay or fruity.

    And what the fuck, beanstalker2, go away.

  7. Febreze

  8. actually i’m not him. i’ve been his friend for a really long time. i didn’t realize that you guys would be pussies about this picture and just critisize him. i thought it was really funny.

  9. bahahaahaaaaa!!! “don’t hate”

  10. I’m reporting this. CCTV in disabled toilets are not good! Let retardo log-out in piece!

  11. Wow who would seriously post that??? LOL

  12. Hahaha he’s a funny dude. Boyfriend material right there. Call me.

    rick rolld

  14. Hahahahaha fucking love this kid!!

  15. Bwahahahaha!!! I know this guy.

  16. ha ha ha, shouldn’t have your college t-shirt on there, bro… I know that guy too

  17. This is just sad!!! Who puts shit like this on facebook!!!!….and fyou….what did you expect? Everyone to go ohhh how nice, a guy sitting on the loo…oh lovely!!!

  18. Well, of course. He goes to TCU. This makes perfect sense.

  19. How could I hate a retard?

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