Thursday, April 23, 2009

Pumpkin Boring 2008


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  1. I think it is ridiculous how many religious or Christian comments/pictures/profiles have been posted on Lamebook just because they talk about God or praying.

  2. I love their poses

  3. Oh come on now, these are just some random people carving pumpkins. Nothing wrong with that.

  4. If you squint and imagine real hard, the pumpkins spell out “Jew”…

  5. lol Giancarlo u little italian bastard

  6. What? I can’t help that it does… Especially if you turn the middle one on it’s side…

    But I must admit, the italian blood in my veins does help the racist imagination a wee bit…

  7. Go spurs motherfucker!

  8. I can tell just looking at this picture that those people are Mormon.

  9. I once knew a very religious girl that liked to carve pumpkins. Our first date was a “pray and play”. Our second date was a “pray and ‘just the tip'”.

  10. @mcowles: LMFAO!

  11. Haha, a bunch of Christians praying and then carving Pumpkins for HALLOWEEN!!!LOL

  12. @Gill-Look up the background for Halloween and realize that-ITS A CHRISTIAN HOLIDAY!


  13. Weird, every once in a while you stumble upon a picture of people you know. How bizarre.

  14. The only part of this that is totally lame is not politically correct to bash. 😛

  15. Actually, Haloween stems from a Celtic Tradition. Eventually All Saints day was declared by pope boniface to replace this pagan celebration of the dead. This led to the rumour that halloween was a celebration of evil the day before the triumph of good.

  16. @Matteo

    Like Benni said, Halloween is originally an Ancient Celtic practice, that was known as Samhain. It was their celebration for the end of the “Light-Half” of their year, welcoming in the “Dark-Half” and was celebrated on the eve of their New Year.

    And what the hell is a “Pray and Play”?

  17. @ewood Doing things based on silly fairy tales is lame.

    @Matteo Do your homework douche nozzle. No it’s fucking not.

  18. I’ve never heard douche nozzle before! i say you filthy cock holster thats riotous.

  19. This is hardly lame

    It’s a bunch of people carving pumpkins. Nothing even remotely lame about that

  20. Ryan: You’re retarded. Please go home and read a bible and stop spewing that childish drivel.

  21. I don’t get it. Boring is lame? Boring’s just… boring.

  22. BrideOfValentine

    They look ridiculous. A bunch of aging, possessive jocks macking on their cheerleader-types (who are all in nursing school most likely) and showing off how well they do at slicing up vegetables. Fuckin’ Holier-than-thous!!! You jackasses have Christmas and Easter…leave Hallowe;en where it was meant to be…with us Pagans! Oh BTW nice costumes, WTF are you supposed to be dressed as anyway, Mormons?

  23. ^ whr’d you get jock from? they dont really give off that air…
    and you only dress up on halloween, which is probably gonna be a few days after you do the carving

  24. I’m confused.

  25. Lawl….pumpkins. Teefuckinghee.

  26. How is this funny?

  27. What was said about the origins of Halloween being Celtic is true. The Christian church got involved in Halloween when the church decided it would adopt All Hallows Day as a “christian” holiday in order to make it easier for pagans to convert to Christianity. The result was an amalgamation of Pagan an Christian traditions.

    I think the irony in the picture is obvious when you know the true roots of the holiday. But yah, it’s not all that funny. Given the fact that most people celebrate Halloween no matter what their religion, this picture does not belong on this site. In conclusion, this is retarded. lol

  28. Larst.

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