Monday, August 12, 2013

Purifying Parents

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  1. Loner alcoholic! FTW!

  2. I’m sorry, even diluted with Coke, you can fucking taste the difference between vodka and water. Moreover, there’s good evidence from social psychology that if you believe you are drinking alcohol you will feel the effects even if you aren’t. So yeah, he would have noticed straight away or not at all.

  3. what sort of a faggot drinks vodka cokes?

  4. that faggot

  5. Parenting win

  6. #2
    It is possible if he is the type that adds like a teaspoon of liquor to a can of mixer.

  7. Father of the year.

  8. vodka and coke is what you drink at the end of a three day bender when you literally cannot drink any other alcoholic drink without immediately spewing up the whole previous three days.

  9. Maybe it’s all the vodka I’ve been drinking lately, but does anybody else suspect that the “Melany’s GUYdlines” ads that are always on the right side of the page are just a really elaborate troll?

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