Thursday, August 1, 2013

Put Out or Smoke Out

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  1. Dawn of the Dan

    Haha. “A guy putting the moves on me totally disgusts me!”

    Followed directly by her explicitly soliciting her entire facebook friends list for sex.

  2. ^ Captain Fucking Obvious

  3. Douchebaggery is not limited to men only.
    Women can be douches too.

  4. I’m guessing her name is LaShawndrey.

  5. Poor bastard needs to know timing is everything. One hour later and he would’ve saved cash in taking skank to dinner, and would’ve got laid for free.

  6. Oh. So spending meaningful time engaged in conversation over a well prepared meal is trumped by toking out? Bet she ends up with a grilled cheese sandwich under her g-string when she starts stripping.

  7. She likes to initiate. That’s all. She wants to be the one in control.

  8. 114 people were reminded of not getting laid after a date by this post. Women can choose who we sleep with and that does not make us whores or future strippers.

  9. ^ During a date, the man wonders if he’ll get any. The woman, however, knows.

  10. Let’s not be feminazis here. I’m a female, and I don’t understand this thing about women finding men who are sexually attracted to them disgusting, even men they’re dating or married to. The other day a woman said she bent over to pick something up, and her husband told her to bend over again, and she got offended. Really, you’re going to be offended your husband is sexually attracted to you? Would you prefer he wasn’t, that he treated you like a nun? Is that how you want your marriage to be?

    And this woman in the post clearly was interested enough in someone to go on a date with them. So when the guy makes the move, if you’re not ready, just say so. Make it clear you don’t jump into sex, and he’ll probably respect it – MOST guys are not dirty rapey pigs. Just because he wants you before you’re ready doesn’t mean he’s a bad candidate for a relationship. Fuck.

  11. I’d rather be celibate than fuck a girl that smokes

  12. PolkaDot, your last word just made me laugh because it’s a bit out of place.

  13. I may sound cool and collected but imagine me typing this while simultaneously gritting my teeth and ripping my hair out at entitled bitches like OP.

  14. Sooooo many people here did not understand these comments. First, neither of them are related, save for the mention of sex. Secondly, she never said men who are attracted to her disgust her. She said men who assume they get sex in exchange for buying dinner are douches. And she is correct, they ARE douches.
    Third, the next status she made said she was going to clean since there was nothing to do “but have sex” so she obviously chose the non-sex option. And again, the sex would be her choice and not because she “owed” someone so it’s not related to the first status.
    And last – she asked someone to come smoke with her. That is also unrelated – she’s not soliciting sex, she just wants some tokin’ company.

    PolkaDotRobot has completely missed the point along with everyone else and is also a 17 year old boy (you can tell, because “she” felt the need to state that “she” is female). Fuck.

  15. nopers333, are you the poster or one of the poster’s friends? If so, please let me know and I’ll eat my words. If not, you and I have access to the same information and it is undoubtedly open to interpretation. “Anything of that sort” doesn’t necessarily have to mean “Shoves his hand down my pants.” “Anything of that sort” might mean “leans in for a kiss” or even “asks if I’d like to go back to my place.” Nowhere does it say those men think they are owed sex, but it IS natural, in this day and age, to consider sex on the first date a possibility. That doesn’t make them douches. Presumptuous? Yes. Maybe even stupid. But she clearly states she won’t give them the benefit of the doubt that they might be totally okay with waiting weeks or months to have sex, she just shoots them down the moment they make the first move…which, by the way, society has come to expect of men.

    I left her other post out of my response because I also believe it’s irrelevant.

  16. Anyone else getting tired of men being trashed just because they’re male. Seriously the main difference here between male and female behavior is that men are okay with sex pretty much at any time. Granted there will be statistical anomalies but on average most men are DTF at any point, where as women have been conditioned by idiots to believe there is something wrong with that. As if by engaging in the same behavior as men the are somehow dirty or wrong. Ironically this conditioning is mostly provided by men who can’t get laid. I guess they figure if they can’t get any than no one should.

  17. I’d also like to point out that in many situations, if a man doesn’t make the first move after dinner, the woman will judge him a sissy, a pansy, and not go on a second date with him. Damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t.

  18. So you don’t want a man who will take you to dinner and a movie first, but you’ll put out the cattle call on FB for someone to come by and fuck you and/or get high with you? Smash cut to a month from now when she’s posting, “Why is it so hard for me to find a good man?”

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