Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Terrible Toilet

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  1. The Beast Among Us


    Toilets are a lot cleaner than most people think. Microbes cannot live on the porcelain. So unless you were in some sort of freaky truck stop restroom, you’re probably okay.

    And second, LOOK BEFORE YOU SIT, YOU IDIOT!!! Why is it so hard to look where you’re going to sit and make adjustments before plopping your fat ass down?

  2. Also, you have only used toilets for 17 years out of 34? So what have you been using the rest of the time?

  3. Dude, if you plopped your bare ass down without looking at what you were putting it down onto, I don’t think you’ve got any cause to be calling somebody else “careless.”

  4. This is probably the only time in Internet history that the “guy” who is posting actually has a vagina.

    You see, guys always look, and always put the seat down if they need to drop a deuce. I’ve never ‘fell in’, no guy I’ve known has ever fallen in, and finally, even if they had, I don’t know any guy who’d ever admit it.

    Finally… I’m married to the most awesome woman in the world who wholeheartedly agrees with me that if I can lift it to pee, she is more than capable of putting it down to pee.

  5. ^put it down yourself, you lazy cunt!

  6. ^^Not just the ring, the seat lid, too, you animal!

  7. Cal41.. She probably said that to get you to lift the lid up in the first place ..!

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