Friday, October 8, 2010

Putting a Spell on You

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  1. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Bradley welcome to being a man.

  2. Barley Specks are horrible

  3. Mm, Bradley is hardly a man.

  4. Pympkins sound like…little people that steal your keys or hide your shoes while you sleep or something..

  5. My brothers a pympkin.

  6. I miss the IHOP.

  7. My pimpkin likes pancakes, too 🙂

  8. @Hobo
    Is it truly International? You have any over there in the old land?

  9. I think Pympkins are closely related to Oompa Loompas. Same colour, at least.

  10. Those pancakes look damn good.

  11. fb on phones can be annoying. One time it sent a message to my mum and it put it as my status.

  12. these actually made me LOL

  13. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Caralee42 #11 So your original plan was to send a text to FB and then FB would send it as a message to your mum’s account, and then FB would send your mum a text saying “Caralee has sent you the following message on your Facebook account”

    You see what I am getting at here?

  14. My brain hurts

  15. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    deadvices #3, Bradley was a man up until he decided puppies were better than pussy.

  16. That should have been the other way around Bradley: “I want a puppy! Oops!…I meant pussy”

    Me too Hobo, I’ve actually only been once and I’ve been meaning to go back.

  17. I hear ya Cassie!

    Bradley, a pussy? or some pussy?
    Either way, I had a good chuckle at this mans expense. Thank you Bradley!

  18. You know lex, that’s something I’ve often wondered but been too lazy to find out.

    So I just googled it and… apparently it’s not as international as it claims. IHOPs exist only in the U.S, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and the U.S Virgin Islands.
    The ‘international’ part comes from the fact that they sell German, French and Swedish style pancakes.


  19. Come can be predictive for coffee? I don’t have a droid but that sure seems… off.

    Good to see ya EE

  20. You too Comments. I’ve been swamped as of late. Damn work and life, they get in the way of my play time.

  21. You guys aren’t missing out on much. Although IHOP is pretty much my wife’s favourite restaurant, I don’t see what the fuss is about. Plus, they inevitably are filled with families with ill-behaved, loud, obnoxious children. And one time a loud obnoxious father.
    Ladyrisk, you have a pimpkin? I’ve always favoured women being self-employed in those matters. Less risky, more profit.

  22. A situation I know too well EE – working on the whole “get independently wealthy” thing to cut out that work stuff; if I can get the formula to work, I’ll send you a copy 😉

  23. I just assumed Bradley was gay. I read it as he was fed up with penis and wanted vagina instead.

  24. Looking forward to it Comments. 🙂

  25. Lmao@ #9 discombobulated – that was the first thing that popped into head in reading this

    Yea, mad2 I agree. Seriously IHOP is not all it’s cracked up to be. Unless you are ordering pancakes, eating there pretty much sucks. The coffee is ok, but I prefer Waffle House (if you guys have ever heard of it) and even then it is all disgustingly fatty foods that taste like heaven… Damn it now I want some cheesy eggs!

  26. mad2, your wife needs to eat out more if a pancake restaurant is her favourite. You need to get on that one. Just an observation. No judgements.

    Comments, I want in on your venture, but only if it works, of course. You need a partner like me in your business life. Actually, you need someone like me in your life, period.

  27. ~I’m with Cassie, I too can’t go a morning without flickin’ the ol’ bean around.

    ~Bradley..fuck it. No jokes for him.

    ~Rob, it does indeed suck when I’m paying a bill via phone, when suddenly barely specks from overseas appear. Quite distressing. They stick to clothes like glue, all while muttering nonsensical crumbs of gibberish.

    ~No joke for the Mike/ Michael duo..just a face palm.

    Haven’t eaten all day, and now I want IHOP. Damn you, LB.

    Time to go set women’s rights back by performing sexism and making myself a sandwich.

  28. No, I will not stay in the kitchen to make you all some, too. Get off your lazy butts and get in here yourselves. 😀

  29. Word, you think my wife needs to eat out more? An interesting assessment. She perhaps would favour me eating out more, not sure about her…
    Keona, thank you. I hate it when men use that fücking ‘make me a sammich’ line. One wants to scream at them ‘Do you know why you have hands? To make your own food and pleasure your chick! And to wank, if you fail at the first two…’
    No, seriously, I love when my wife cooks, because she CAN cook, whereas I do something which doesn’t really resemble cooking so much as a clusterfück of once-edible items.
    Oh and on topic: Bradley wouldn’t be saying he wants to be gay, he’d be saying he wants a sex change.

  30. mad2, so, you can be funny, after all. I like it. Good pick up. Oh, and you need to get on that one.

  31. @wordymyperv

    Well, but of course you’d be included. Once it’s all working, EE and I will charter a flight down under and fill you in. As far as needing someone like you, a little wordy does indeed make the day more entertaining 🙂

  32. ihop is ONLY good between the hours the bars close and the sun comes up, preferably after a strip club.
    or when you’re hungover.

  33. Thanks word, I do try, with rare successes.
    Also my wife wishes to clarify that she loves ihop for their harvest grain and nut pancakes.

  34. I agree Robert, I agree.

  35. ok, first things first, ihop has way better waffles than waffle house but waffle house has way better cheesy hash browns and they both ARE only acceptable between the hours of bar closing and sunrise. secondly, definitely not international and where they take that “international styles of” from makes no sense, have you ever seen a german or french pancake?! lastly, i will not suggest (as it would ruin all my fun) to people that one can, in fact, disable the the auto fill on your phone so you don’t look like such a fucktard…. just sayin’… :-p

  36. shanfla – a crêpe is a French pancake and there are German pancakes that are a cross between a soufflé and an omelet.

  37. Dee-Lite, shanfla has a valid point. IHOP makes up stuff to create a false sense of internationality. He/she named German and French pancakes as examples, which btw. is a good example as those names tick me off as well. The “German pancakes” (crepes with lemon and butter) IHOP sells are something no one here in Germany knows, yet what people here would consider a true German dessert isn’t served there: Apfelpfannkuchen (similar to dutch baby pancake).
    It’s this ignorance that gets to me sometimes when I’m in the US.

  38. @shanfla- IHOP is international, it exists in more than one country (USA, Canada, Mexico) which is the definition of international.

  39. Guys… it’s Pancakes. Who cares?

  40. I want a pussy AND a puppy, yeah, it’s going down like that.

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