Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Putting the FUN in Funeral

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  1. Shark Week ftw!

  2. I want to punch the first person in the face.

  3. …and the second and third for that matter.

  4. WTF is the deal with Shark Week?! I am 25 and I am pretty sure it has never been as cool as everyone seems to be making it out to be.

  5. LOL! What a bunch of insensitive PRICKS! Totally self absorbed.
    P.S. Shark Week SUCKS!

  6. I meant “BITES”.

  7. I’m going to have to agree with you Wonderbread!

  8. dirtylittlepretty

    Anna is a fucking bitch!
    The rest are little assholes..
    im crabby today.

  9. dirtylittlepretty

    also: Ants??? stinking moron!!

  10. Thanks for the support, ee. =D

  11. What’s wrong with Anna’s status? I mean, you can go to an ant’s funeral any time, there’s fucking billions of em eveywhere, constantly dying. But Inception is only on ONCE. EVER.

    That’s how films work, right?

  12. Fine, I’m a hypocrite and whore, but a joke’s a joke, right?

  13. Yes, Hobo . . . At whatever expense necessary, a joke must be made!

  14. meow!

  15. Anna needs to be sacked with a pair of balls. super f*cked

  16. Did her Ant die by magnifying glass? Or perhaps she was stepped on? Maybe even eaten with a bit of chocolate.


  18. Anna is clearly an idiot, but where I live, “ant” and “aunt” are pronounced exactly the same, so I’m not that surprised at the misspelling!

  19. Super Nintendo Chalmers

    I hate asshole uncles. They’re always embarrassing me by dying uncoolly.

  20. I didn’t know people had funerals for ants

  21. shark week, i dont get it,sharks only do so many things..how can theyre be a whole week of shows worth watching…seems like it would get boring after day one.
    & i wish i had hannahs number,i wouldve totally texted during her uncle bobs funeral thing.

  22. dirtylittlepretty

    *wonders is Rick used to refer to his uncle as ‘uncle asshole*

  23. Dawn of the Dan

    What is this, a funeral for ANTS?? How are people supposed to go to their eternal resting place if they can’t even fit inside the coffin??

  24. @ 23: HA HA HA HA HA!!!

  25. Agreed. Epic win, Dawn of the Dan. I hope they played Relax while having a gasoline fight and drinking orange mocha frappuccinos.

  26. aha @jeri,the correct song should be ‘wake me up before you go go’ by wham, ;]

  27. @ohbabybaby, Thanks! Now I have that song stuck in my head and am wanting to watch Zoolander for the millionth time.

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