Thursday, March 11, 2010

Quick and Classy

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  1. rich, poor, nerdy, popular, hater, lover, .. whatever extremes in life you’ve experienced, you can bet there will be balance for you before its over. Life has a way of letting you experience it all – both sides. so be careful of who you trash when you are on the other side. you may find yourself there before its said and done.

    @msjessiemeghan, exactly HOW did you “put yourself through college” : is that the REAL reason your fam disowned you? WHY did your fiance’ hit you exactly…. gosh, it sounds like the whole world is against you and nothing is EVER your fault, poor thing

  2. @julestastic, the world isn’t against me, I just didn’t have a supportive family. And yes…college was the reason, for the most part…girls wernt allowed to go to college, I disagreed, I went, and also left their religion. I don’t need nor do I want your pity, because I am doing quite well thankyouverymuch. Other than your implying I deserved to be physically abused by a boyfriend…you seem like a lovely person yourself. I hope the world balances out for you too…

  3. Wow. Which religion is this? I can’t think of any religion which prevents women from going to college?

  4. It is so complicated. Their religion doesn’t have a “rule” but rather an unspoken one, up until about 10 years ago when I graduated from high school. As far as I know, now college is ok but generally looked down on for anyone. My parents are Jehovahs Witnesses. They are generally good people, just trying to live in the 1950’s, and they are more or less strict depending on the area. Like I said, there was never a set “rule” but it is the unwritten rules that can be the most binding.

    Let’s talk about wedding BBQs!

  5. There are many religions that feel the place for a woman is at home taking care of her family. A lot of the stricter Christian religions in the U.S. do not permit any schooling as public schools teach evolution in most places and they are Creationists.

  6. I was home schooled. It wasn’t bad, but I had to work a lot harder than the public school kids to seduce my teacher.

  7. LOL ^^

  8. Soup, your last comment was hilarious!

  9. Soup was home schooled???!! It’s as if all the world’s mysteries have all been explained!!!

    *sits and basks in the glow of Soup awesomeness*

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