Thursday, March 11, 2010

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  1. I am so glad I never see shi+ like from my own FB friends. I would be embarrassed to know any of them.

  2. Thanks for clarifying, amelie and mb. (:

  3. also if your “sex” smells and stains sheets, you need to bleach YOURSELVES

  4. First of all,Vera, W O W, Way Too Much! That also goes for everybody else who thought they should chime in and tell us about their failed and executed pregnancies.

    That’s right Aleah, mouths don’t get pregerzzz, They get sorezzz!

    Last but certainly not least is Allannah, I’m sure you are the hooker that approached my car last night at the red light. I understand why your sheets smell like that. I mean after all, when your breath smells like that, I can only imagine what you smell like down there. Stay dry . . .

  5. does anyone remember a time when dirty washing was not aired in public?

  6. DragonflyOfDoom: I’m sure you think you are cool, but you sound like a horrible person. I hope you never get pregnant again. Get out of the gene pool. We don’t need more people like you.

  7. “I was in tears lol.”


  8. I don’t understand the appeal of hickey pics. My ex pulled that shit right after I dumped him and it just showed that he was so desperate to show people that someone actually finds him sexually appealing. I know its supposed to be like “Oh, yeah. Look at the hot night I had!” but it comes out more “Ohmigod! PAY ATTENTION TO ME!!one!!1!!&)”

  9. im pretty sure the term “beat on your face” was meant to mean “blow my load all over your face” …or is this just my interpretation??

  10. DragonflyOfDoom good thing you got rid of it, I don’t think it would have wanted to be your child anyway.

    some sick humans out there! scarred for life!

  11. I honestly just did a double face-palm after reading Vera’s replies.

  12. Did Sophie post that photo herself? If so, why? Oooh, you have a boyfriend/girlfriend/inappropriate relative/animal who can suck on your skin. Your parents must be so proud.


  13. NGL – Not gonna lie

  14. 43, you’re thinking of Waiwera, which is the hot springs north of Auckland, by Orewa. 🙂

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