Monday, October 31, 2011

Wait A Sec…

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  1. STEVEN!

  2. Vincent_Valentine

    what is that girl is the last picture doing?

  3. I find it ironic that the black-mocker misused ‘their.’

  4. Vincent, there’s a naked man behind them.

  5. It’s not a naked man, it’s a man having sex with a naked woman

  6. The couple in the photo look like the couple fucking behind them…

  7. once you go black, eh Brit?
    …but they seem so young that I think that the interracial thing isn’t the only morality law you will be breaking.

  8. Vincent, it’s just hard to see the man through that woman’s pubic wilderness. Somebody needs to introduce her to a hedgetrimmer.

  9. Anne, she might be immoral, but if she’s in one of those African countries then child marriage/rape is probably legal.

  10. mad2physicist, I think g0d has to give his blessing first.

  11. Foreground, last pic: Is it a dude? Is it a dyke? Is it Elton John?

  12. As if they didn’t know there was a couple f**king behind them!

  13. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    Brittany isn’t making a joke about being attracted to black guys; she’s making a joke about the common racist stereotype that black people are prone to commiting petty crimes such as theft. When she says “they’re black, they’d steal mine too”, she’s saying “they’re black, they’ll steal anything that isn’t nailed down”.

  14. vaginalroundhouse

    Once you go black you don’t go back…..until you run out of money and need another job to pay for the 4 kids you pumped out in 3 years. So really the statement is “once you go black….you don’t go back to black.”

  15. I don’t understand what position the naked woman is in the last picture. Is her back to the man, but her head is turned toward the camera and so is her chest? Because it looks like her right arm is bent up. But then if that’s the position she is in she looks misshapen. I don’t get it.

  16. Oh I think I see now. If she were standing upright she would be facing the door. That is the back of her legs, and her torso is turned toward her left leg and she is looking in the direction of the camera. That was a sufficient waste of time. Back to life now.

  17. Here’s another way of looking at the first one: Brittany is one of those people who is into adopting kids from other countries, and thinks that little black kids are adorable. When she said, “They’re black, they’d steal mine too” she just meant that of course she’d love them because she thinks little black children are cute. I know somebody who’s like that.

  18. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    Once it goes black, it never grows back!

  19. Second picture is from the University of Pittsburgh, fuck yeah! People get pretty obnoxious with their flyers there – this was likely just a case of trolling.

  20. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff
    no. ya think??? -.-

    I *did* kinda get that, but my humour is more evolved than that, so I was working it on a whole other level. AT THE SAME TIME.

  21. So did we decide to pretend that that dude from #3 isn’t fucking his mom? Cause I’m kinda weirded out by that one.

  22. @MsAnneThrope- Oh, so this is how evolved humour works. You take a moderately funny joke, suck all the humour out of it and turn it into a moderately unfunny joke.

  23. Without the likes of MsAnneThrope, Walter something balls and others. this site would just suck balls.
    Be greatful for those who waste enough time Gardenia Rose,
    Be greatful.

  24. Fuck yeah, I’m greatful too. I am full of great.

  25. They are banging.

  26. I’m with lexluther here, isn’t anyone else troubled by it? I just hope that he isn’t the half-naked man seen in the mirror, taking her picture…

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