Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Quick and Painful

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  1. Smoke vagina’s.

  2. For 6 Yrs! I didnt touch a single vagina or cigarette!!!! but ever since 1st grade its been going much better!

  3. Jason did not make any sense. My vag is neither dangerous nor smokable.

  4. Smoking vaginas, there’s a new one.

  5. Since when is a vagina bad for you? That’s news to me, I guess I should tell my hubby!

  6. Amazes me every day the things people will write on Facebook… Although the ’72 hours’ comment was a real zinger!

  7. …must be Vagina Slims.

  8. I was excited until I read ‘cat’.

  9. Note to any aspiring Facebook comedians:

    Have YOU just written a brilliantly witty comment on Facebook and are preparing to press ‘Post’? Are you a little worried that the world might not be able to understand it’s sheer brilliance? Thinking you might have to add ‘HEY-O!’ on the end so that people who may not have realized you were joking know now for certain how utterly dry and brilliant your sense of humour is?

    Then chances are, your joke is shit. And it’s been scientifically proven that the word ‘HEY-O!’ actually DOESN’T make the preceeding joke any funnier! Believe it or not, results showed that 100% of the time, it actually made the users look like an attention-seeking jackoff.

    And thus ends today’s lesson of ‘Why You’re An Idiot’.

  10. HEY-O!

  11. its*

    Also, 68% of all statistics are made up.


  12. It’s it’s. 😛

  13. it’s = it is or it has

    its = possessive pronoun

  14. 🙂

  15. What does it mean tho be “quits” with the bank?

  16. Quits = Evenskis

  17. They’re on even terms.

  18. Gotcha.

  19. Seems like Marie’s smoked so many cunts that she’s in a constant haze of drug induced grandiosity of comedy.

    HEY OH!

  20. actually @anorexicpanda, both works. and since it’s his hobo’s comment, if he says it’s it’s, then it’s it’s.

    -> it’s sheer brilliance. it is sheer brilliance. works.

  21. whatthefargis is right. It works both ways. Go Hobo.

    anorexicpanda has become quite the Grammar Nazi.

  22. The caption reads like my sex life. HEY; ah, fuck it.

  23. If Hobo did indeed mean that “the world might not be able to understand it is sheer brilliance,” throwing ‘that’ in front of ‘it’s’ may have helped to avoid this confusion.

  24. I know how Ben feels… The police accused me of several murders, brutal rapes and eight accounts of savage sexual assault.

    When i replied ‘Ha what about that poor teenager found dead in a police cell with a dildo hanging out of his arse.’ they did not respond well.

    Fucking pigs, no sense of humour, that’s their problem.

  25. i don’t know who marie is, but i’d like to be friends with her.

  26. bazinga

  27. some of these posts really feel like i’ve missed a chunk of life. i’ve never had my vagina smoked, so wtf!

  28. how do you smoke a vagina?…..

  29. @lex, possibly like one would smoke a pole?? i really had no idea one could smoke a vagina, either, honestly. sounds kind of painful, imo.

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