Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Quick Winnin’

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    Anyway, I did not burst out laughing to the Dr Seuss 2011 but I have to admit I enjoyed it.

  2. Cara’s a dick, but at least she’s not a moron too. Actually, doesn’t that make her more dangerous?

    Just look what the Palin/Bachmann factor has done to America.

    For my next point, have you guys heard about how evil and wrong vaccinations are?

  3. As to the Doctor Seuss thing, doesn’t the thing that hates green eggs and ham end up trying it and loving it?

  4. The Dr. Seuss rhyme is just at the educational level teabaggers can understand. Why can I see Palin using it in a stump speech?

  5. @Crabby Abbey: Wow, if you don’t like the rhyme, which I never did either – that’s one thing. But you’re self-righteous, smug and rude all in one shot. Go to hell.

  6. @Crabby Abbey

    Quick, when Obama screws up, turn to Palin!

  7. Agree with Crabby.

  8. Who knew the Cos had such insightful advice about anal?

  9. Obama is the best thing that happened to your country in a very long time. It is a pity that such an entrenched systematic hijacking of the education system over many decades has left “y’all” in a space where you are seemingly oblivious to the reality of the multitude of ways in which you are screwing yourselves over.
    From way over the sea people all around the world people (with excellent and just passable healthcare systems) all look at you and shake their heads.
    The diabolical idiocy of the right wing over there is…diabolical. The amazing way in which the ‘top dogs’ say stupid things and tell their support base they understand them while making policy that is specifically designed to screw that support base over is a phenomenal indication of the systemic problems not only in the education and media but also in the political and justice system.

    Too serious for this early in the morning but I often wonder if you guys have any idea of how you look to the rest of the world. For the most part we kinda look and shake our heads with a half-grin that says something like, don’t expect too much, they’re American.

    Bring on the “you’re just jealous” and “patriotic ramble” defenses. My answer is: yeah, you’re right because if I was ever sick or out of work I could go to the doctor and hospital for free and receive quality healthcare on-top of a free secular education and a well thought out higher education scheme enabling me to go to a world class uni no matter my socioeconomic ‘place’ in the world. No, the rest of the world does not want to live there/be you.


  10. Obama is not the best thing to happen to america. He is continueing to spend money on the war on drugs, the wars in the middle east, and so much more. He keeps extending americas debt, and is not doing the truely effective things to make the country a powerhouse again.
    But just so that you know Swtich, America citizens are not fucking themselves over. The government is fucking them. And, they have simply put the people into such a deep whole that they can not see whats happening above that whole. Do not blame the people, because all they are trying to do is make a living with what they have. They are stuck in the system, and the people who are controlling that system are the ones reaping in the benifits.
    But, one question I have for you, (or anyone who can tell me) are you discrediting or crediting the american healthcare system? Because it is shit, and causes many people to make the choice of being in so much debt, or to die. Kinda like the moive Repo-men hahaha.
    I love Canada’s healthcare system. I smoke ciggarettes, which in reality is saving lives because of the raping taxes they come with, but at the same time once i have lung cancer or some shit it will be treated for free. Its a win win.

  11. Sadly for truthgiver, he/she is so busy dolling out the truth nuggets that spelling and grammar still eludes them.

  12. Hi switch, greetings from America. I would like to start out saying that “ya’ll” is an accepted contraction of you all by the Webster Dictionary, but is still mostly a southern thing. A small amount of Americans seem to shake their heads at things they don’t understand, which is usually other countries, but were pretty understanding where I come from. It isn’t really hard to get a decent job in this country that offers health care that pays 100% of your bill. Not only can I go to the doctor for “free”, but I will be reimbursed for any working hours I missed. You get what you earn in this country, for the most part. Oh and by the way, people who reply with MERICA FUCK YEAH FUCK YOUR SHITTY COUNTRY are more than likley 12 or some stupid 18 year old in the army. No need for all the hate, man. Just live where you live and be happy. Have a great day.

  13. I thought this was lame book?

  14. Nope, this is the player haters ball. Honest mistake i’m sure.

  15. “It isn’t really hard to get a decent job in this country that offers health care that pays 100% of your bill. Not only can I go to the doctor for “free”, but I will be reimbursed for any working hours I missed. You get what you earn in this country, for the most part.”

    Is this a joke? Where the hell are you posting from that decent jobs with full benefits are easy to come by? Because I’m pretty sure about 75% of the country would LOVE to move there. I appreciate your live-and-let-live attitude, but don’t ever kid yourself that if youre doing well at the moment you’re in the minority, and that this country is inevitably sliding into complete ruin. Obama has done what he can, which wasn’t much, but he’s still a magnificent leader. He’s just not enough. I don’t know, at this point, that anyone would be.



  17. LOL internet + politics = lulz 4eva. You guys just keep going, don’t mind me. BTW Crabby already won the thread.

  18. Yes, I live in America, and yes, I know the rest of the world is smirking behind our back. Why they are not openly laughing and placing bets on our demise is beyond me.

  19. @Hawkbit, we are openly laughing, just not in front of American tourists.

  20. The Dr. Seuss on made me laugh. From Dr. Seuss to what’s wrong with American! Oy!

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