Thursday, April 22, 2010

Quickie Time!

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  1. He was fun. I had a sore bum for a few days after that!

    katypants does need to be in the girlie harem, by the way! We could have a three-way spank with that crop!

  2. I am honored to have a place called home with you word and ee. We shall spend our days, reading/writing or performing erotica, bedazzling our riding crops, and taking turns with slim, sensible, hobo and father sha… ohhh, I can’t help but think I am forgetting other worthy parties…

    …and I do remember Divine… that conversation you speak of made me leave lamebook for the day, lest I leave work and go find someone to do those things to me 😉

  3. A girlie love in right here.

    My day is already made.

  4. katy, oh yes we will! I am looking forward to our days and nights!

    yes word, a good day indeed!

  5. as fun as all that would be… i hate to tell ya ladies… when we are in the bedroom, i am in charge… i will bust any riding crops and tan your sweet asses with them… when its time to switch positions i will toss you where I want you and tell you what to do… not that i discourage your imput or you gals briefly taking charge, but when it comes down to it, I call the shots… just thought id give you fair warning

  6. Oh my, slim… that sounds… really good…

    Blindfolds? Ropes? Dungeons? What else? Keep going!

  7. I’m completely at your mercy slim.

    Have your filthy way with me.

  8. Personally, I prefer Yorke Hunt.

  9. I like sex.

    I’ll get my coat.

  10. Hobo, someone on post yesterday surmised I was doing you on the side.

    For the record, I’d happily do you on the side, on the front, on the back, upside down, and inside out.

  11. I know three separate people called Mike Hunt. I’ve just realised there’s probably no need for the word “separate” in that sentence.

  12. oh katy and word… i will just have to say stay tuned… gotta leave ya wanting more 😉

  13. Hobo, you should get your coat… and come on over 😉

  14. Slim! That’s not fair at all! We wanted more from the get go and you are withholding?!?! I think I may use that crop on you shortly!

  15. oh you just want me to swat your ass huh… well you will be katynopants then… and id be forced to get physical with you… hope you like it rough; hair pulls, my strong hands around your neck and shoulders pulling you into me as i…

  16. word, ee, katypants and slim- you guys really need to come to the folsom street fair in san francisco. i think you’d enjoy it.

  17. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    lol at Indie.

  18. Well damn, I focus on work, then drive home and I miss all of this. Fuck Me! (take that as you wish)

  19. Morgan’s is a rip-off of a Facebook fan page.

  20. Why was I busy during all the kinky stuff being talked about? This just turned into one big BDSM orgy spectacular.
    @katypants 9 o’clock works,

  21. RahRahahahahoolalagaga

    I wanna party with Andy!!!!!!!!!!

  22. I wanna party with andy and andrea right now!! melanie could join too i guess

  23. The Salmon Mousse

    Meh, apart from perhaps the first one, these were all pretty lame. Lame in the sense of not being funny, even to laugh at other peoples expense.

    Fail Lamebook 🙁

  24. hey guys, this is andy actually, my friend andrea(from above) her sister saw us on this site and told us today haha we are wondering how we got here, anyone know?

  25. They used the Lamebook Submitting Device.

  26. RahRahahahahoolalagaga

    I really want taco bell now and/or some acid

  27. virgo, I adore San Francisco.

    One of my most fave places in the States.

    I would love to visit there again.

    Can I bunk with you?

  28. lol

    Morgan fails! Wish people would stop taking names of groups and putting it in their status.

  29. Someone needs to put you girls on a fucking leash. Seriously man. Is there one post where the comments don’t turn into sexual related bullshit. You all need to get laid for reals.

  30. word- anytime! 😉

  31. c’mon guys, we were doing so well, too.

  32. Goddamnit! Like cats in heat! my goodness! Someone needs to take a big a rock to all of your crotches!

  33. I agree there has to be serious lack of sex going on at home that online, I suppose it could be flirting, seems like today, yesterdays and tomorrows highlight. It was funny the first time, now its kinda lame. Hey nm I guess this is the best place for it then.

  34. -Gods investment in you (His son!) was SO great, he could never abandon you!-

  35. Too many kids are talking about doing LSD these days.
    None of them are getting legit LSD.
    For one, the stories would be a lot better, and less of this typical “I was trippin’ and saw cartoon-like shit for reaLZ” crap.

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