Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Randeez Nuts

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  1. Damn, Randy. That sucks.

  2. Hahahahaha that’s funny beatus!!

  3. Randy’s name however, is not misleading.

  4. I agree, not surprised that a dude named Randy shoved his fuckstick jingles into something that is used to clean up his sex stains off the floor.

  5. stay away from golf, randy. the ball cleaners on a golf-course are way less forgiving.

  6. Fake.

  7. ^I agree

  8. It’s rare when T1000 is correct, but I am gonna have to agree with him this time.

  9. Who cares if it’s fake! It’s funny, which is sadly something that we rarely get to see here! This calls for a celebration!

  10. fukin gay, not funny at all. should of used dyson to prolapse himself

  11. Haha, this funny because it has the word BALL in it! *flashes titties

  12. Let’s all kiss !

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