Monday, September 13, 2010

Random and Redeeming

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  1. Um… WTF @ 5. Tell me there’s a misspelling somewhere in there that I missed.

  2. I like that, Garrett.

    What the fuck, Mark? I’m clueless as to what you’re on about, but it’s hilarious.

  3. No, Erik. You’re fat and attempt to be funny has made you look dumber…and possibly fatter.

  4. Chelsey is an idiot. I can’t see any humor in that post at all because no one told her she is an idiot.

  5. Mark, I adore your enthusiasm towards your musical talents… but I bet you played the ‘old guitar’ better than this new one high tech one….

  6. They’re not the turds you are looking for…

  7. These are mostly shit.

    Anyone else just watch The Inbetweeners?

  8. someone needs to tell erik that quoting yourself is beyond lame.

  9. Bus wankers.

    Uh wait, Hitler one is lame. And I had stretch marks from my growth spurt and I’m certainly not unfit.

  10. Wow. These are the stupidest entries in… ever.

  11. Not really getting the COD one, can someone explain??

  12. I think the penis one is a sight ripoff of the Al Yankovic/Rodney Carrigton song- Dear penis….

  13. Erik is extremely lame but his mum sounds like a total bitch.

  14. @jayne: I think the point is just because Hitler ruled the Nazi German army and took over countries and it would be amusing if instead of being dead (which at this point I think he’d be like over 100 if he WERE still alive) that he was playing Call of Duty which is a war game where you control an army and take shit over.

    I found it kind of amusing…wrong on so many levels…but amusing.

  15. i think it would be funnier if he was alive and playing wolfenstein 3D

  16. What kind of horrible mother says something like that to her own child? Her very flesh and blood!

  17. @jayne: call of duty (at least the first few of them) is a game where you are on the allies side in WWII fighting against the Nazis.

  18. Thequeen, a mother who wants her son to be hot for whatever girl he winds up with.
    I’m still confused by the fetus. Like did this guy actually pick up a decaying unborn baby and start wailing on it? Also, how is a guitar teacher’s ability ranked based on his ability to tell you ‘step one: do NOT play with a dead baby. Use a guitar you f*cking f*cktard!’ I could tell you that and I can barely play!

  19. @ Hobes – Yeah watched The Inbetweeners last night, best thing on the box by a mile.

    @ thequeen – Are you some kind of watered down, unfunny version of dan_fargis?

    … and a Bieber joke, just what the doctor ordered, now the world’s equilibrium is restored.

  20. I think it would be funny if Hitler was still alive and read the new york times.

  21. @RAAB: Oh yes! that would be around 5 million times funnier, the problem being that the youth of today wouldn’t know what Wolfenstein 3D is. Also, I think I prefer Wolf3D over COD Modern Warfare 2.

  22. I get where you are coming from Benningtons, but I can’t agree with you on Wolf3d over COD MW2…

    But I agree they must not know the good old wolf from the 90’s.

  23. What would be funny is if Hitler date raped Chelsy in the toilet, whilst she fumbled about looking for her phone.

    no no no… all joking aside i’d give Chelsy a length.

  24. @Bucketoscuzz: MW2 may have 40 weapons, retina bleeding graphics, pulse pounding action and awesome military whizz-bangery, but in Wolfenstein 3D you get to kill Hitler. Not your basic, common-or-garden fascist dictator, but Hitler TO THE GODDAMN MAX, complete with huge armour suit and dual chainguns!

    You can’t say that isn’t awesome. 🙂

  25. I see. Still doesn’t make much sense. You don’t actually control an army on COD, you just play as one soldier. Maybe like Sid Myers civilization would make more sense or a game like that, but COD is just a fsp, and I didn’t really see the humour in a hitler connection joke.
    Also I was thinking more MW2, since that’s my fave, but yeah the ones set during ww2 make a bit more sense.

  26. Eric FTW!!!

  27. Command and Conquer seems much more like Hitler’s style…

    In my humblest of opinions.

  28. @Paranoid Android
    No, I’m The Queen.

    You don’t have to be skinny to get girls. People of all shapes and sizes fall in love. There are people in the world who are not shallow.

  29. @Benningtons. The question is what would he do when he faced himself in game, would he actually kill himself, or let Eva do it this time…

  30. @ the droid chick: don’t keep your fucking phone in your fucking back pocket, you fucking retard. if it’s not working from falling in water, you’re gonna sit on it with your dumb ass and smash it.

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