Monday, September 13, 2010

The Heat is On

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  1. Lamebook ,are you depressed? hat on earth has happened to you?

  2. What *

  3. Yeah Melodie, you wuz wrong.

    Technically, in his eyes, he doesn’t give a shit how you feel about anything.

  4. What body part is that in the first photo, and does he have scurvy?

  5. Yeah, I can’t tell, either. Five bucks to the first person who works it out.

  6. Wrist?

  7. More dead grandmothers in coffins, i say.

  8. Photos of dead grandmothers in coffins’ misspelled tattoos, with unnoticed horse penises in background. Taken in bathroom mirror for extra points.

  9. ahhh gay love. Tats are dumb and gay.

  10. I think it’s on his penis. It just hasn’t been flagged because the pic is pretty ambiguous. 😀

  11. Ech, I thought ladyrisk was joking, but when I looked back, I could see it, a little bit. 😐

    Anyone, Lamebook posts like these always just depress me.

  12. was hoping it was a penis shaft but sadly i think it’s just a wrist…. (on top of the wrist, not on the inside)

  13. Can someone lock Nyhisa in the bathroom again?

  14. A dick? That would be funny. A wrist? Hmmm, I’m still not convinced. I’m holding on to the fiver for now.

  15. My first thought was a dick – it is too hairless to be a wrist

  16. whatever it is, it is one ugly body part

  17. Hey Kyle .. she’s kinda chunky but if you’re happy, that’s all that matters.

    I think the tat is above the back of an elbow .. granted it might be an ostrich elbow.

  18. i bet melodie is probably some random bitch he hooked up with probably months ago.

  19. I think the tattoo is on the top of his foot.

  20. theartistformerlyknownasyoink

    Forget the whole thing with where the tattoo is and actually look at the tattoo for a minute. Does Nobody notice that the name ‘Devon’ appears to be tattoed over the word ‘Void’ and not the other way round? This would indicate that he got the name tattoed either after or at the same time he got the name tattooed and that’s just incredibly sad.

  21. theartistformerlyknownasyoink

    *after he got the word ‘void’ tattoed.

  22. What chiiro said. It’s an ankle. The veiny nastiness reminded me of white trash Wang but it’s gotta be an ankle.

    @artist formally known… Possible that black just overrides any other color?

  23. I’m sort of grossed out just thinking about what body part that could be 😡

  24. Anyone who has a tattoo should know that in order for it to come out that clear, that would have to be an ankle or a wrist sized penis..
    A huge one, in other words.

    And SeeBea, Devon is (usually) the girl version of Devin, a common male name, so it’s not necessarily gay love..

    And Yoink, I thought of that.. Maybe Rich got so sad after the break up that he wanted to show that it was void? So he got the name and void tattooed on, and is just THAT lame?

  25. chiiro, yes! I reckon it’s somewhere on his (fugly) foot. Five bucks to you.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure theartistformerlyetc. changed her name to something else. What gives?


  26. damn you bunnyball I was trying to be quiet in bed but that just made me snort very loudly >:) kmao

    I’m sorry but that looks like a penis

  27. but look at the bottom right of it… my ankle doesn’t do that, like, round off towards the foot. It has to be next to either elbow or knee because that’s there the body DOES that. I think it’s on his upper arm right above the elbow, and he was trying to flex and that’s what made it veiny…

  28. Hold up your left hand, make a fist and shake your fist left and right and there you have it a WRIST. I know this as i am human.

  29. @absbabs
    Skin’s too smooth and shiny to be anything other than a penis.
    I know this as I have actually seen penis’.

  30. *plus bent slightly at the base (bottom right of picture) meaning he’s holding it that way for the picture.
    and come on, the veins!

  31. Devon try fingering yourself. this will hopefully help put your relationship with Richard behind you.

    Nyhisa, yo you pent up girl! yo should fist yourself whilst waiting for yo man to get free!

    Melodie have you considered poking yourself to help with the tension?

    in conclusion EVERYBODY WANK!

  32. Tattoo is surely on the bottom of the leg? The crease in the bottom left of the image is the start of the ankle/heel.

    It’s smooth because you have to have your leg/arm/penis/eye shaved when you have a tattoo and judging by the redness around the image – I’m going to say that the “VOID” part has just been added.

  33. Does no one else wonder if it’s not a full rib/side tattoo? Look along the right edge of the body part and it kind of looks like it’s creasing down into buttcrack.

    I don’t think it’s ankle because why is the right edge kind of sticking out like that? It doesn’t curve in like the back of my ankle. And the back of my ankle doesn’t have buttcrack.

    If not side, I’d go go with wrist. If you look at the top left-hand corner you could see possible sleeve being pulled out of the way. And the veins.

  34. I’m going for wrist. And the ‘void’ was definitely added after; if you look close, you can see a reddish tinge over the black. It would be difficult to really cover black with red, no? So the name would show through. I think that’s actually a rather clever/funny way to cover up an ex’s name… or maybe I’m just lame too.

  35. It’s clearly the inside of his right wrist. The “Devon” tattoo was actually done properly, in that the name is legible while his arm is down by his side. Because of that, he had to twist his arm awkwardly to get a photo with the writing not upsidedown (try it), that’s also where that little skin fold comes from. It’s the bit between the wrist and thumb.

  36. @kosh, it’s a wrist, stop trying to make it something it’s not…it’s not a penis.

  37. Is Rich’s arm made of Spam?

  38. Yay I win five internet dollars!

    I still think it’s a foot. It looks like it’s on the TOP of the foot, and he has his foot posed like.. erm.. Barbie. The heel is lifted off the ground and the creases are his toes. Looks like the black thing on the left is a flip flop and the background is very obviously the wood floor.

  39. After each identification, I went back to look at the tat pic. The only one that actually looked right and made sense was the torso suggestion. I’m sorry, I just don’t get wrist or foot/ankle out of that. I’ve got 6 tattoos on various parts of my body (including the back of my wrist), and none of them even resemble this. My vote goes with lametothemin.

  40. Does anyone else think the tat is on the bottom of Rich’s left foot?

  41. @theartistformerlyknownasyoink you tattoo around things, idiot.

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