Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Read ’em & Weep

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  1. first?

  2. Enfallible is French [on-fal-eeb-luh] for “I’m a stupid twat and I can’t spell”

  3. Indeed, it is.

  4. Dallas, TX ftw

  5. Fake word, really? Again? Buddy, you’ve made your point, and had your fun, ok, but it’s time to give it up.

  6. Maybe you’re the fake me. Why are you so full of yourself to think that you’re the original?
    You’ve made your point, but it’s time to give it up.

    There’s a new wordpervert in town, and she does more than just flirt it up with online acquaintances and act like she’s hot shit!

  7. What’s wally world up to?

  8. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    …Like being a name stealing cock?

  9. or possibly like being bat-shit crazy. And really, we don’t need anymore of that around here – we’re fully stocked.

  10. Ha, ha. You guys are so funny! Now, bend down and suckle at my snizz!

  11. I should be more coy about this, I’m sure. I’m about to o.d. on some oxy and Fosters. I hope no one takes advantage of my old and ailing body…

  12. Oh for fuck’s sake. I thought we’d seen the name stealing straightened out?

  13. New and fantastical ways around it Miss She.

    You know what they say about idiotproofing – just when you think you’ve idiotproofed something, they go and make a better idiot.

  14. Miss She, it’s the same loser who was commenting under 2 fake word accounts the other day. He/she obviously didn’t get enough satisfaction from being nice, so now they’ve decided to get nasty. Enjoy while it lasts, moron.

  15. word v. word might become headache inducing.
    I would love a receipt like that one…or maybe that’s how I should start advertising.

  16. that is the best receipt ever.

  17. The real ‘word’ – i think i love you girly…i watched you from afar and loved you even more…

  18. Blondie, it’s all about the strategic partnerships.

  19. Also numero uno….this looks like the superdrug by my house…and the mascara is still expensive…

  20. wow #1,This is a good week for you imamofo, they’re just lining em’ up for you to knock them down eh?

  21. Comments, yeah, I’m going to sell this idea to all the fastfood places in the area…McDonalds, Taco Bell, Wendys, Carls Jr, etc.

  22. word, send me an email.

  23. somebody please explain #17 to me…

  24. Who could ever understand that except the weirdo who wrote it?

  25. I wrote to you Walter Sobchak, or Nigel Chusterbutt, and I await your reply.
    Tick, tock, tick, tock.

  26. I like that name, nigelchusterbutt. I will reply soon word, if you are the real word.

  27. I love number three. So much. How can two people (the artist and the client) miss this? I would laugh at this in public if it weren’t inked in such a fearsome typeface.

  28. Walter, how are you going to be sure she’s the real word? Are you giving her some kind of test?

  29. yes curly. As you can see, #25 failed the test.

    But if the real word emails me I’m sure we can have a laugh over the retarded email I received from the loser. The amount of effort put in was truly remarkable.

  30. I enjoy lamebook, mostly because of the commentators. I thought I share a site with you all Now don’t go getting all pissy at me for promoting a site, I thought you will all get a laugh. 🙂

  31. I wouldn’t fucking dream of buying my mum condoms….. she’s on the pill.

  32. You should watch your back Walter, Mass might get crazy on you stealing his chick. Ps love the name Chusterbutt … bit like clusterfuck which should be used a whole lot more often than it is.

  33. Thanks curly. I’m not worried about mass anymore. I think he’s a pacifist. So I’m just going to try to slide myself in there.

  34. That’s not funny. That’s how my family got discounted rim jobs.

  35. I see this comments section got even more strange after I left yesterday… between #17, Walter wanting me to email him (what is that about?), the fake then posting they’d sent him an email, and then the fact they’d apparently gone to effort doing so… whoa! LB always has a level of craziness, but at the moment, the crazy is in overdrive.

    Talking about crazy – things are finally settling in this flood-ravaged country. There is so much devastation, but blue sky is forecast today, thank God, so hopefully, the worst is over.

  36. Ive been reading comments on lamebook for a few months now, so I figured I would join in.

  37. @curly

    I now dub thee Puffins J. Clusterfuck, the third.

  38. Ok …. being very careful here!

    @ word you are in high demand hun. Lie back and enjoy 😉

    @ Comments – think it’ll stick? I like it.

  39. fuck

  40. You did it again, curly! What the hell are you doing, girl?

  41. I swear to god I’m following the instructions exactly … and it’s a piece of piss so fuck only knows! I hereby promise not to bugger up anymore posts. Please don’t kill me guys *puppy dog eyes*.

  42. curly, are you putting the / before the b in your closing tag?

  43. Yeah I am sure I did that time. I think that’s where I went wrong the last time though – putting it in after the b. And I’m not going to chance trying again lol

  44. This bolded message is brought to you by Puffins J. Clusterfuck III (you know curly, it feels a bit mean in this context…)

  45. It clearly intentional. Someone who cannot spell infallible is certainly not going to have it tattooed on, or even use the word for that matter.

  46. It’s ok curly. You can still bold. But you are banned from strikethroughs for a period of two months.

    So word, you going to email me or not?

  47. I still don’t even care about the condoms in the first one. I just like how it says “Om…with love”

  48. Comments, it’s definitely a clusterfuck. I deserve it lol.

  49. I wanna know what Sonic in Dallas that is from so I can high five grand master pimp!!! Definitely don’t wanna redeem that reciept though, unless you wanna handle some tranny balls.

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