Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Family Secrets

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  1. poor dave ensor

  2. and luke and chris harding. that wasn’t very difficult…

  3. Being gay = not funny, not lame

    being gay = gross

  4. cox.

  5. How super fabulous.

  6. oh my gosh….everyone is so english….

  7. Should I just start submitting porn on here? I mean, I could start submitting fat girls, pregnant girls…you know, all the things lamebook finds hilarious.

  8. Nana FTW. Although, in the old days parents learned how to spell a name before they gave it to their child, so it might be fake.

  9. #8, no they didn’t. There are tons of old people with messed-up names. And just how old do you think Nana Lynda is? She could be in her 50s.

  10. My grandma is named Donnabelle, and she’s in her eighties. But Walter may have a point. At least it isn’t Dawnabell.

  11. Lame as hell.

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