Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Really Angry Birds

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  1. Fake.

  2. engrish. They must have meant to switch out the ‘u’

  3. That joint he’s smoking should mellow him out.

  4. The dollar store across the river had temp. tattoos and stickers with characters promoting legalization in the kids section about a year ago. It took them two weeks and a couple people complaining before anyone even realized it. I still say the employees know what’s going on when things like this happen.

    Similarly, when I was about ten, I bought an awesome dragon necklace from another shop and couldn’t figure out why my mother was kinda pissed about it. Three days and a nosy teacher later I realized he was holding a topless women captive in his claws. I was actually a little embarrassed about it and felt stupid that I didn’t figure it out sooner.

  5. Once I had bought a burger king tshirt. My aunt who was with me asked me a couple times if I was sure I wanted that one. I didn’t get why she was asking.

    Then later I realized the double entendre of the “Have it your way” motto over my chest.


  7. This will last in the store much longer than Lil’ Monkey did.

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