Thursday, September 20, 2012

Red Alert!

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  1. See, I don’t like this. Why are you trying to ruin some guy’s life? What did he do? What if he’s innocent? Provide some background before you out some random schmuck.

  2. Um, obviously it’s the g/f. She’s pissed b/c he’s hitting on other girls while she’s at work and jacking off to their photos. I thought that was clear? If that was me, I’d most likely do something to the same extent.

  3. He cheated on his gf, that does make him a turd but for her to criticize his pick up lines (most likely used on her which is why they’re a couple), his jokes (most likely she’s laughed at them) is sort of strange.

    It’s like, “I loved his pick up lines and jokes as long as he is faithful but now that I found him to be a cheating jerk I hate everything about him.”

    Anyways, rant on girlfriend, rant on.

  4. How do you know he cheated on her? All this says is that he’s collecting nude pics for wanking. That’s not cheating.

  5. He has tits, bad facial hair, accessorizes with white glasses and wears a toque indoors.

    And you just figured out NOW that he’s a loser?

    Someone is slow

  6. How do you get girls to give you naked pictures anyway?
    Sounds like a win to me…

  7. Um, Lamebook @dmins, can you really afford to pay for legal proceedings in a defamation case?
    Rachel may be bitter and twisted, but your inattention to privacy is plain ol’ stupid.

  8. ^OBVIOUSLY that silly legal mumbo-jumbo was out-weighed against their moral obligations to inform and advise the public about fat losers with shitty pick-up lines.

    (spot the tautology)

  9. Nice decor. Bed linens and Christmas lights go well with fat and sad.

  10. @1 I like to imagine you yelling at the man on the radio whilst you drive.

  11. omg what if this guy sues the internet like that anti-islam actress

  12. would love to know what the girl looks like

  13. Rachel is fat.

  14. Rachel is fat, white, with straight hair and bad acne. And she’s right – he looks like an ape.

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