Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Reflecting on Reflections

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  1. A toy for her turd-cutter!

  2. It’s for her pussy cat outfit

  3. Anyone else see the other woman sitting in the window’s reflection and staring at the dilly? creepy…

  4. Fake.

  5. Kitty girl + her big dildo = quality entertainment.

  6. I see a reflection of person in a pink shirt with pink socks with feet on the table and the base would be a glass of a dark beverage, but it does look like a dildo at first sight.

  7. ^says the person with dildo-shaped feet.

  8. I bet Jayme stuffs that dildo up her tight asshole, she’s got a 15 inch black one also.

  9. This actually just looks like a bachelorette party or something, and props are normal there 😉

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