Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Reptile Requests

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  1. Am I supposed to be able to relate to that?

  2. How can the snake accept a request to kill?
    I’m not getting this, perhaps I’m not reading this right

  3. just a little evil

  4. The internet has become a cesspit for people trying to out do each other on who can be the biggest CUNT.

  5. This tragic story just happened yesterday and some complete asshole thinks it’s funny to make jokes about killing more children? What a black heart he must have 🙁

  6. Totally insensitive, Lamebook should be ashamed of posting this tripe!

  7. I just read the story and it doesn’t add up, there is no way this snake could have even gotten through the air vent, snakes require something with traction to get their full bodies up, it’s almost impossible, considering air vents are smooth and have things that should be able to keep a 100 pound snake out.

    I say the guy killed them not the snake. To wrap around both boys would be nearly impossible for a 100 pound spooked snake, and if 100 pounds of reptile fell on you you’d wake up.

  8. ‘Be the first person to like this’ – no takers?

  9. What’s with all the hate this post was funny as hell. I’m fairly sure The badger is right on with his logic also it’s highly unlikely that the snake would attempt to kill two boys when it could probably only eat one.

  10. Fact is Fuckzone, two kids ARE dead.

  11. People, including kids, die every day. By the time I finish typing this post, a few more kids will die of starvation. I wonder if all of you that are offended by this post care about those children as much as you do these kids.

  12. #11
    Of course they don’t give a shit everyone knows that little brown kids from countries with hard to pronounce names don’t matter. Especially when they could be helped with just a fraction of what they typically spend on eating out every week.

  13. He got the pet shop boys! :-O

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