Friday, June 21, 2013


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  1. I hope her first name isn’t ass.

  2. I hope her first name is Sam.

  3. Her first name is Penny. End of discussion.

  4. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Damn it beatusmongous, are you still doing this shit?

  5. She’s giving the finger in her photo, in a cute pinky room.
    Oooooh, Badass!

  6. Sorry, it irritates me to see bratty teens giving the middle finger and acting like a punk, especially when they don’t appreciate things and whine how they hate their parents and life.

  7. make me a sandwich, bitches

  8. Zatknis…she acknowledges they don’t have the best relationship. That’s as close to an admission from a teenager that they’re not perfect as you’re ever gunna get. She then goes onto say how much she loves her mum and how grateful she is of everything she does for her. Her mum throws it back in her face. Her mums a bitch and if she has been like that for 13+ years, we’d all be a bit fuckin’ grouchy to.


  10. I’m feeling a searing pain. Right through my brain….

  11. Seeing this post somehow makes me grateful for all the hidings I received as a child.

  12. No, Dukey, I’m not.

  13. @Zatknis sometimes it’s justified. We can’t really judge based off the tiny bit we see. I mean think about it shitting a crotchling into existence doesn’t necessarily make you a good parent. If it did there would be no Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian.

  14. Counter Clock could never forgive her mom, Clock, for giving her such a prophetic name.

  15. You never know…the person who replied may have just been a sister or brother (sibling bickering)…it may not have been her Mom. I would hope she wouldn’t really talk to her Mom that way.

  16. why does every comment after #4 have strikethroughs?

  17. I demanded more respect from my second daughter too…

    Sorry. Handjobs. I demanded more handjobs.

  18. ^It gets worse…

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