Monday, February 1, 2010

Right and Wrong

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  1. so a high five=a slap in the face?

  2. @Gogloplex:

    Well, this guy was fist. You paw thing.

  3. @mykimani: good one! hahahaha!

    @Gogloplex: YOU.ARE.FIRED!

  4. Hey Lamebook Admins! What happened to blurring out faces so no-one knew who the photo was of, in case they knew them/bumped into them in the street??!

  5. Because relationships cost money…

  6. Maybe he gets a state hand-out?

  7. What kind of hand jobs do you think she gives?

  8. @ 1

    If he’s right handed, he probably had to draw that face with his left hand…and writing let alone drawing with your weak hand is pretty hard, lol.

  9. LMAO their anniversary is on my birthday…
    This idea was a total WIN

  10. They should totally blur out the face.

  11. I just became a member of lamebook 3 minutes ago… I did not post this on lamebook… but I think it’s awesome that others can laugh with/at me now lol

    I made the profile myself because I was bored writing an essay/ making fun of my own downfalls with women.

  12. Nice to put a face to something you fuck.

  13. @Zippo – WIN

  14. PosterformerlyknownasTristan

    This is a STROKE of genuis here.

  15. Bet her name is Rosy 😛 and I do not doubt she is dedicated to “the job at hand”

    I liked it, clever.

  16. PALMela HANDerson

  17. @yaya: rosie palmer ftw!

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