Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Risky Richard

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  1. Glad he was on rum when that happened. I hope that lessened the pain.

  2. Ha, douche.

  3. Looks like fun.

  4. haha, he was all like, YOLO Bitches, now he be bleeding like one!

  5. Almost died? What a load of bollocks. It looks like he drew that on with his mum’s lipstick.

  6. ^well, yes, he almost died. you think his mother was happy about that?

  7. Happy that he almost died or happy that he almost died (damn so close)?

  8. happy he ruined her fucking lippy.

  9. With his elbow being the nose, does anyone else see the face of our lord? If our lord just did a shit load of coke.

  10. I’m not sure. Which lord is yours? Lord Byron? Fake Lord Monckton? Lord of the Dance, Michael Flatley?

  11. Only the one true lord could riverdance in sandals.

  12. Ah…is that a Hyabusa (aka the Crotch Rocket of the Major Douches)? My ex-husband has one. Unfortunately, he wears a ton of protective clothing when riding.

  13. @rightbrain, I see a kokopelli.

  14. Me too. Did jesus play the flute?

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