Thursday, November 8, 2012

Rocky Mountain High

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  1. And this whole time I thought San Francisco was in California….

  2. ^ San Francisco is moving there for the legal bud. The move won’t be complete until April 20th.

  3. it’s not funny when you lack common sense… this person lacked common sense.

  4. This person was trying to imply the fog is pot smoke. False accusation lamebook.

  5. I guess this one’s for the Americans to understand.

  6. ^ Denver is a city in the state of Colorado. The state recently passed a law to allow the sale and use of marijuana for recreational use, unlike other states where it is illegal. This person is trying to say that this is a picture of Denver, and that all the low hanging cloud cover is marijuana smoke. Although it is quite funny, it’s actually a picture of San Francisco during the typical morning fog cover.

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