Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Rule Breakers

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  1. Oh yes. His dog “stole them.” And then just happened to “put them in perfectly.” Fuck’s sake why are people so full of shit.

  2. ^^Because the vast majority of those who use social media are fucking retards and will believe anything they see or hear, But yeah some moron shoved the teeth into their dogs mouth and thought it would be hilarious if they lied and said the dog got them and managed to put them in correctly, and pose long enough for a photo, It wouldn’t surprise me if the asshole used superglue.

  3. The Beast Among Us

    The teeth are not “in” the dog’s mouth, like human teeth. They won’t fit that way. The dog is holding the teeth between his mandibles, and that’s the easiest way for the dog to hold them. But I doubt the dog stole them unless they smelled like pork.

  4. It’s a stolen post. It’s a video and it’s supposedly an elderly woman’s false teeth that the dog stole and wouldn’t give back.

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