Friday, March 29, 2013

Ryan the Hater

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  1. Probably not as much as he hates English.

  2. My best friend kaly has just announced her wedding with a handsome millionaire. they met on~~~ Ś where you can meet rich successful men and classy gorgeous women such as doctors, lawyers,busy professionals, benefactors. models, celebrities, etc…. perhaps you can have a try

  3. Wow, Anna, your best friend must be a special snowflake!

  4. And a gold-digger too.

  5. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Where the hell are the Adm[ns on Lamebook? I thought there would be no more spam comments on here now.

  6. How is that spam? Anna’s story seems legit

  7. I put up one of those equality things as my facebook picture, only with a line through it, just to piss people off.

  8. Why do gays wanna get married?

  9. 22 people didn’t understand Rattus’ comment.

  10. @7 The cleverer option would have been “!=”. Also, don’t be a troll and/or a bigot.

  11. I don’t get it. How is that clever? The cleverest option probably would have been “==D”, but I didn’t want to spend time making my own picture.

  12. How would “==D” be applicable for lesbians?

  13. Strap-on?

  14. Like anyone really gives a fuck about lesbians.

  15. I see Evilcow still sucks. How nice to have a constant in my life.

  16. Is there a Lamebook for Lamebook?

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