Thursday, July 2, 2009

Ryan’s Over-Sharing Penit


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  1. I hope Ryan has ended his update with “My hands” because something horrible has happened to his hands – “my hands… My hands… MY HANDS????!!!”

  2. Any more of this and he’ll wind up with penit butter all over his hands.

  3. Is that supposed to be “penis”… or maybe “pennant?”
    He could be a big sports fan 🙂

  4. Wait, if his hands are on her waist, how is he updating his status… maybe the “my hands… my hands” was when he sprouted two more.

  5. I guess i’ve got my wedding vows all set now

  6. apparently his hands were free enough to make sure the second instance of “My hands” was uppercase

  7. Maybe “penit” is slang for “petite penis.”

  8. Hand goes to waist (waste)

  9. Put your hand up on my hip, when I dip you dip we dip.


  10. …your hands…Your hands…are on your cell phone pad you fool!

  11. Seriously? He’s in bed with his girlfriend but he’s updating his facebook? Talk about lame in the sack.

  12. too much information champ.

    Hopefully he doesn’t twitter on her chest

  13. WHAT THE HELL!?!?

  14. It’s okay, his gf is a blowup doll

  15. Calibeachballsurfdude98

    I’m sooooo Jeallouzz of thizs guyy!!!
    hiz HanDDSZ!!


  16. Hahahaha this is fucking sad.

  17. funny I guess the explanation of all this is the fact that his girlfriend is actually his cell phone. My hands around her waist..

  18. Potato Head, Desuko and Jason…thanks for the laugh.

  19. i think the cause for “my hands…My hands”, is that he just found his girlfriends ‘penits’.

  20. to me this seems like a man that simply happened to be typing a status update the moment he became infatuated with his own hands.

  21. Too much info dude.

  22. I think this is supposed to be an attempt at a transition into a song lyric from Gym Class Heroes – Cookie Jar that goes “My Hands… My Hands… I can’t keep my hands out the Cookie Jar” (or something like that)

    In any event it is not clever, lame, and stupid.

  23. #22 check that punctuation of yours. You could do a few variations:

    In any event, it is not clever.

    Lame and stupid.


    In any event… is not clever. Lame and stupid??


    In any event it is not clever. Lame and Stupid!!

  24. #23: Check that grammar of yours. “Lame and stupid” is not a complete sentence, nor is it a question. My suggestion would be “In any event, it’s not clever; it’s lame and stupid.”

  25. #24: Indeed. 🙂

  26. mooooo!!!

    penit is the slang of the new forever

  27. @Smokey

  28. This lame ass has his hand(S) on her waist… Yet can still type a Facebook status update! What a waist-er!….. And obviously shite in bed!…. Take your penit and your three hands and feck off!

  29. ha ha, pure genius!!!

  30. Desuko, I love you.

  31. Princess Bananahammock

    Mike D: awesome that made me actually laugh out loud cuz I was imaging it hehehe
    “come on baby twittter while we do it”

  32. I imagine that he’s saying the last “my hands” with a fearful, panicked voice.

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