Friday, October 19, 2012

Saint Peter

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  1. I was excluded because I was a dork.

  2. Legit laughed out loud at this.

  3. I was excluded because I’m made out of toast.


  4. Isn’t molestation more commonly associated with Catholicism?

  5. ^ Actually, it’s more highly associated with family members or trusted friends…

    But I’m with Lexi on this. Nicely done, Lamebook!

  6. ..and ancient greeks, bacchante. Can’t forget those guys.

  7. At least if you get molested in scouts you still learn useful things…not like church.

  8. Beatus, that isn’t a requirement for being a Boy Scout?

  9. I signed in just to say bravo to who ever got that annoying bitch outta here. Although I know shes still lurking in the shadows.

  10. But I meant as far as religion

  11. I had a sneaky Uncle

  12. why would a boy who doesn’t believe in God want to join a group that has honoring God as one of its basic beliefs? that’s like a vegetarian walking in McDonald’s and complaining that they sell beef

  13. ^ Vegetarians do that all the time.

    Did the weekend wanker get fired already?

  14. Bollocks jefreyd. Using your analogy, it’s more like a child being told he can’t ever play with his mates in the maccas play room because he refuses to eat the chicken nuggets.

  15. beatus, if he was the same wanker doing those weekly competitions, I certainly hope so.

  16. Like them or not, those competitions saw more traffic than a massage therapist in Vegas.

  17. carlosspicyweiner

    I bet this kids parents are total douche bags.

    ps, wash your fucking hair.

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