Wednesday, August 8, 2012


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  1. Taylor, you lying cunt. Now suck my genitalia.

  2. Talyor is a fake whore.

  3. ^ Wrong. Taylor is a real whore.

  4. taylor definitely got passed around a lot in 8th grade.

  5. not seeing how taylor is a whore in this situation?

    oh, I get it. she’s too confident and sassy. she scares the fuck out of guys, so she must be labelled, incorrectly, and crammed in a pigeon hole so small minds can deal with her. yeah, beatus. she must be a whore. because she didn’t have sex and didn’t charge for it…

  6. ^ She’s an attention whore.

  7. Taylor is a real fake whore.

  8. MsAnneThrope, I think they were being facetious. There’s really no way to tell if she’s a whore. She could be trying to save face or she’s telling the truth. Probably the latter. However her friends sucking her d**k in the comments is really annoying. It’s a clever status but everyone’s so dramatic.

  9. You know what, Taylor can be kind of a whore, but a whore with a heart of gold like in pretty woman. The eighth grade is a trying time for a lot of people.

  10. 8th graders aren’t people, they’re monsters..I…uhh..mean children…little fucking smelly nosepickers who think they know how life is in the real world, because now they get to take classes in different rooms, have more than one teacher, have to dress out for gym in the scary locker room where they have to undress in front of their peers…”oh noes! My penis might flop out of my shorts. What if somebody sees it?!? They’re all gonna go around telling everyone its small!” “Home economics is for girls and sissy boys! Omgz I felt a booby! It was mine! They’re so small! What if the boys don’t like me cuz I have small bewbs?!?” *crys in corner*

  11. carlosspicyweiner

    Monsters indeed.

  12. I don’t understand the massive burn? Nearly every woman in existence uses that excuse o_ô

  13. ^to get out of anal?

  14. Capn, I’d like to thank you for that disturbing insight into your secondary school experience. It explains a lot about you.

  15. Taylor must be a guy. Otherwise, why would this be interesting?

  16. I can hear it now:
    “Okay, damn period. What about anal?”
    “Sorry, I’m on my anal period, too.”
    “Hummer Week?”
    “Sorry, mouth’s bleeding, too.”

  17. At that point it’s either a handjob or I offer to use my dick as a stypic pencil…(yeah…I know…setting myself up with a line like that, so fuck the lot of you aheadz of time!)

  18. Capn, if a girls bleeding from that many orifices, I don’t think you should be letting her touch you at all. Unless you want your dick to fall off again.

  19. Hey, it didn’t fall off the first time. A mermaid bit it off! But, what you’re saying though is I should dip it in some kind of rubber compound first, right?

  20. JackettaDenialsawwsse

    I misread that as Taylor HAVING sex with Brandon and 1. losing her virginity 2. Getting it so rough she started bleeding.

    “Sorry i didn’t suck you off Brandon, but thanks for helping me make that blood-puddle in the woods that one day. Tee-hee, I wasn’t really on my period.”

  21. You could do that, Capn. I think though, that this is one of those times when ya just gotta take a step back and ask yourself ‘ am I really that desperate?’

  22. if you were the capn, would you be game to ask yourself that question?

  23. It was never about desperation franky. It’s about asserting your dominance infront of all the other lem….I mean, pirates.

  24. Lemmings? WTF, Capn?

  25. ^Lemurs. Capn’s a lemur, apparently.

  26. ^ Lemonheads.

  27. Yeah, Nails, the Ms. is convinced my appearance is similar to that of a lemur…I know, I know, silly right? Everyone knows I’m a motherfucking pirate, not a monkey, but I’m willing to play along, and I’ll admit, I thought you reading that as lemmings was funny, I kinda laughed to myself when I thought of all you lamebooketeers as lemmings…ha! Come on guys! The cliff’s this way! Anyone ever play that game…my brothers ex loved it…she thought they were cute, and it’s about the threshold as far as her gaming skills went..

  28. Stupid fucking kids. Fuck off and die.

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