Friday, March 4, 2011

See Ya After Class

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  1. Is it Winsday? By George, I do believe it is *happy face*

  2. Haha this is how you become popular at school. Lets talk detention stories. My one and only was for smoking in the toilets.

  3. Wow these teachers are hardcore. Pretty sure in high school most of mine would have laughed those things off.

  4. i get detention/community service for eating my breakfast in the classroom…..

  5. Dawn of the Dan


    “Detention don’t hurt.”

  6. anyone else wondering what ‘blunch’ is?

  7. B Lunch. They have more than one lunch hour.

  8. Come on, detention for a TWSS?

    Also, I love that the first teacher put a sad face on the slip. I don’t know why I find that endearing, but I do. I bet she’s really young, like just out of college, and she still has high hopes and dreams for shaping the future through our young people.

  9. “That’s what she said” ? Really? Detention?

  10. Wow, those make me really grateful for the teachers I had in Jr. High and High School. My friends and I were a bunch of smart mouthed, rather over-sexed, little deviants.

    These teachers sound like a bunch of uptight twats who probably shouldn’t work with people.

  11. CommentsAtLarge

    I only got detentions for being late, my teachers appreciated (and sometimes participated in) our smartass remarks in class.

    Dawn of the Dan, yep… but I thought he’d be bigger.

  12. doctorchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    I suspect that in both cases some plucky student got hold of a blank detention slip and wrote out a joke detention to post on Facebook. I just can’t envision any teacher anywhere being so uptight as to give someone detention for either of these innocuous and quite amusing school japes.

  13. “Innocuous and quite amusing school japes”? Are you kidding me? There has to be a website somewhere for the vocabularily gifted to post such amazingly perfected sentences, and IT ISN’T HERE. Go away weirdo.

  14. I always loved the class clowns.

  15. white student, yellow teacher heh

  16. Doubt these were faked. The HS I graduated from, even in the 90s, the women teachers were beyond uptight twats. During a study hall I had a pass to study at my locker. Spanish teacher didn’t like that and bitched. Showed her my pass and said that would be all for the day.

    Yup, detention.

  17. Dammit Elid#14, I had such a good comment for that, too! Eh, I guess early bird gets the joke 🙂

  18. Oh and Doc… I find your intelligence rather refreshing amongst all these lamebook losers. Yea, I’m looking at you wordpervert.

  19. I got detention once for chucking a rock at another kid. Never did it though cos I faked sick on detention days then changed schools.

  20. Only had detention (or my school’s version of it) twice – once when I was like six that I don’t remember properly and once in my first year of high school for “speaking too loudly” – three minutes before school ended. The funny thing was the teacher sent another guy two minutes later.

    Oddly enough, when I was 10 I got up and screamed at my teacher that she was a bitch and other angry things and all I got was a light scolding. Probably because she was a bitch.

  21. sdrawkcabrolyat

    I’ve been out of high school for two years now, and I can say in my way too rich public high school, teachers really don’t have anything else to do. I’d imagine these kids go to a pretty good schools if these teachers are needing to find reasons to punish students.

  22. Oh, cmon. I automatically effused with a “That’s What She Said” to every comment that could be twisted into any sort of sexual perversion for like 3 months.

  23. slicingupeyeballs

    Ahhh school days, bunking off for a sneaky smoke, kicking a football about with the lads, and fingering the girls in the bike shed.
    Man I miss that caretaker’s job…

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