Monday, February 20, 2012

Seeing the Light

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  1. First!

  2. Not bad.
    Woulda been funnier if it’d been an actual candle.

  3. I’m liking these Whitney jokes!

  4. Ehhhh.

  5. Agreed @ number 2

  6. Penis McGuillicutty

    Whitney Houston is dead?

  7. vaginalroundhouse

    Sucks that Whitney is dead, I thought she was the best looking chick on The Hills and in her own show The City. She has some nice nip slips out there.

  8. RIP Whitney Houston. It’s drawlin that she had to go like that.

  9. People dickeatin her though.

  10. #2. Why would it have been funnier if it was a candle? who cooks up their rock in a bathroom stall at the airport using a fucking candle?
    Surely you must have realised how wrong you got it when that fucking idiot Flames agreed with you?

  11. Always looking down on us Zoibergs

  12. It’s looks like the spacker Gavin nearly set his fucking fingers on fire whilst setting up this bland piece of topical pop starlet bollocks.

    I’d hate to set my fingers on fire, it’s be like finger banging Joan of Arc…or something.

  13. In what way would it be funnier if it was a candle? I’m gonna need this one spelling out to me Dan.

  14. crustylovelips – Do you not get the original joke? Those are drugs (or meant to be). Whitney Houston died. He said he’s holding a candlelight vigil for her making a joke because he’s actually just doing (or pretending) to do drugs and using a flame. It would be funnier if instead of using a lighter for the flame he was heating the spoon with an actual candle to go along with the whole “candlelight vigil” part of it.

  15. Whitney mourners are 20 years too late. She died around 1992 when she became a junky / punching bag. Her drug-ravaged carcass finally joined her last week.

  16. Yes, thanks for saving me the time, wellthan.

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