Monday, February 20, 2012


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  1. foreveralone.jpg


  3. what is that 2nd pic? a riot or something, that dude tagging himself then would be moron of the year

  4. Slappy… He used a riot pic for his banner and just used his own pic to “look” like it was zoomed/enhanced. His background in his pic don’t match the riot pic…

  5. Is it even a riot pic? Looks like a typical Birmingham Friday night out to me.

  6. I don’t even…

  7. The 2nd picture is not a riot. That’s about 3 buildings that collapsed in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) last January. 22 people died. Those were images caught by CCTV of other buildings in the same street of people running when realized what was happening.
    But it’s a good timeline picture actually.
    I’m not a native speaker, sorry.

    *First time commenting here. I’m emotional now*

  8. I’m sorry, I’m thinking about cats again.

  9. you know what we haven’t had for ages? a proper disaster. an earthquake or a tsunami or something. megadeath.
    22 people squashed in Rio just seems like they weren’t even fucking trying.

  10. ^ We are about due for something major, aren’t we? Twenty bucks says it happens somewhere in Asia again.

  11. Asia doesn’t really count. I want a meteor shower to wipe out France, Germany and half of Spain.

  12. I want a meteor shower to wipe out the hometowns of Flames and ytmutant.

  13. i want to cover you in maple syrup and eat you up like a hotcake.

  14. Zzz

  15. Australia!

  16. Australia is a waste of time. The half of the country that isn’t currently underwater is on fire.
    And the fuckers still refuse to die. Totally unreliable.

  17. doodle_brain_4_life

    it’s the dropbears that are dangerous down here…strewth the flamin’ mongrels drop at the most unexpected time…saw one take out two little-un’s the other day

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