Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Final Warning

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  1. My boyfriend is also a pretty big gamer. Something came out this past tuesday that he has been waiting for. His friend came over Monday night, they played all night, and he’s staying at his house until Friday. They’ve been staying up until 6 in the morning playing it. I got to see him Tuesday, but his friend was there too.

    This seems a little over the top to me, and pretty lame, yeah, but he gives me all of his attention almost all the time. I can deal with not hanging out with him for a week. He plays games when we don’t hang out, not when I’m around.

  2. Ugh. I think she is overreacting a bit. Especially to be doing it over Facebook instead of doing it face-to-face.

    My husband plays games all the time, but luckily so do I (and we sometimes play them together) so things work out. Even if I didn’t like video games as much as I do, I would try to take an interest in it, or play some games with him. If you are willing to compromise (“Hey, I’ll play some games with you if we do something I want later.”), things might work out better.

  3. pearls-before-swine

    This dude sounds a lot like my ex. Operative word: ex.

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