Thursday, March 28, 2013

Seems Legit…

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  1. Fake!
    His eyes are open!!!

  2. Ummmmmmmm….yeah. I’m just gonna back away from this one slowly.

  3. Never the less, that’s still pretty impressive.

  4. Who the fuck sleeps in a suit anyway?

  5. He looks like he is made of wax.

  6. His feet are his girlfriend? Figured more likely it’s his right hand.

  7. He’s like an Asian Ken doll crossed with the chap from My Left Foot. Amazing skills.

  8. Haha… I love this kid’s sense of humor.

  9. You guys should google my-boyfriend-caught-me-sleeping.-love-him-so-much-12-pics…

  10. so is this like a thing now? or are people really this pathetic? or both?

  11. His suit is either really cheap polyester or really expensive leather.

  12. I don’t get it.

  13. Aww she caught him slippin

  14. I call bollocks. A fleeting glance at that photo before posting would’ve picked up the mirror image. This fucker just wants to show off his foot skills. Of which I’m very impressed, btw.

  15. Ahh, this is the newest dorky thing to post on the interweb.
    Last week it was vids of you smashing milk jugs in supermarkets and doing the funky chicken on the floor pretending it was an accident. The week before it was something about fat tummy jiggling? I don’t know.
    This week it’s the intentional… pretending your lover took your photo while asleep and making it as obvious/funny as possible that you’re really a 40 year old virgin.
    It just hasn’t gone viral yet….

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