Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Set Your Goals

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  1. What a fucking asshole.

  2. I doubt this really happened. Speaking of which, where’s T2000 been?

  3. Sounds like it could’ve been stolen from ‘Dilbert’, but unfortunately it’s probably true.

  4. That’s why working for someone else sucks. You have to be your own pimp.

  5. T2000 has been destroyed

  6. Nothing wrong with that. Given that I work in workforce optimization in the US (meaning I help identify who should be fired and be replaced with low cost labour in other geos), my compensation is fantastic if more people get fired – that’s the most crude way of looking at it. It’s the real world people.

  7. necrophiliac64258


  8. No #6 it’s slavery with a fancy new name.

  9. dats gotta b da coolest boss in da world

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