Monday, January 24, 2011

Sex Sells

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  1. Sara is hilarious!! And after she’s done with the 1800, who knows what she’ll be able to buy.

    Great sport. 😉


  3. slicingupeyeballs

    Is Sara really saying she saw from the state of her daughters punched out cooze that she had had a few poundings in that area..?


  4. Wow, Tayris wasn’t too hard to find. After looking at her profile, I’m going to have to agree with Stingray Charles…

  5. FHsGirl, see, when someone says something kind of curious like what you said, I’m tempted to go check it out. I don’t really like myself for doing it, but hey, I did it, nonetheless. But are you sure you have the right Tayris? The one I believe is her has no open profile details, and in her pic, she looks like butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth. You’ve either got it wrong, or we have a very different view on what a “girl who gets around” looks like.

  6. I meant only by the profile picture, you are right, you can’t see any details. Are we looking at the same picture? A girl wearing only boy short panties and a bra, using her phone to take a picture of her reflection for her main profile picture looks like one who gets around to me.

  7. I guess there is more than one Tayris R. on FB. The one that came up first is the skanky looking one, the one in this post doesn’t look bad at all. I was mistaken. 🙁

  8. I could probably get America out of debt.

  9. LOL @ msbuzz… please tell me you’re not american.

  10. Haha, Buzzkiller made a joke. Or did she?…

  11. whats an 1800?

  12. no she just has some economic theories and policies.
    keynesian of course

  13. I could probably buy a decent second hand car. But to me girls and banana peels are the same thing.

  14. I hate you buzzkillington.

  15. Jonjones. your a very hate filled man. can we resolve your hate by making angry man on man love?

  16. …But you know, Chris wrecked the place. I pretty much walked out of there…

  17. My usual meal is two McChickens. That costs $2.11. So I would need to go get an HJ or something before I could afford my regular lunch.

  18. Stringray. I don’t give a hang what trayris looks like, I enjoyed your comment.

    And buzzkill’s comment? I can relate, I do it for my love of America!

  19. Slept with? I’d probably have enough for a tatty piece of shit rag.

    Brutally anal fucked over the breakfast bar… the drinks are on me!

    Seriously though after a fuckwrestle session I generally feel I can’t trust the fuckpiece enough to close my eyes for a second let alone sleep!.. Revenge and cold dishes etc..

  20. @FHs Girl By the length of the name that is blurred out, I’m thinking its the Tayris that has a profile picture with her and her mom… The one in boy shorts and a bra has way to long of a last name to fit under that little bit of blurriness.

  21. Well I could take my whole family out to dinner and tip nicely!

  22. well, i like to think my sex is worth more than a dollar. why so cheap tayris? learn to hustle

  23. Bet five dollars my comment isn’t going to make it through moderation. Tried posting the link to who I think this is.

    But if it does, than this comment will just look stupid…

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