Friday, March 9, 2012

Sex With the X

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  1. This man, in particular, is a moron and a bad liar.

  2. Nah, I’m pretty sure he just pwned that vain biotch off her high horse.

  3. Denying your friend because of plans based on nothing. What a nice guy.

  4. ^ Do you have guy friends? The quest to get laid succeeds all other chillage. A true friend would understand the quest and support it, hence the ancient art of being a wingman.

    There’s so much butthurt on lamebook now.

  5. Deadeye I’m calling you out as a virgin based and based on your stupid comment alone. You either a) haven’t been laid or b) a poof. As #4 said quest for sex take priority and a good man would support that. not that you’d know from the sound of it….

  6. Btw…fuck off and get a root

  7. Quest for sex is a 24/7 thing. When you have it is a plan.

  8. Not bitching but, why does almost everyone on here assume that everyone else commenting is a guy? Just wondering.

  9. deadeyexx, you’ve already proven that sex is a foreign thing for you.

  10. Lebowski – Surely such wit and monstrous anger in the comment section couldn’t come from a woman… they’re too busy making sandwiches. Ba-da-boom TISH etc etc.

  11. Lebowsk maybe you should not get your knickers in a twist.I understand what your saying. That your a woman and you’re sick of being called a man.
    @deadeye… So you going to come out ? Seems cakes is onto you

  12. ^ What in my post leads you to believe that I had my “knickers in a twist”? I don’t care that people assume I’m a man on here, I was just simply asking why in, what I thought, was a mellow way. Touchy today, are we?
    And fuckingadude, I’m pretty sure Bacchante is female and I would never want to get into a battle of wits with her. She’d kick my ass seven ways to Sunday. Yours, too.

  13. ^^not quite. I’m waiting for the residential dickhead yt mutation to show up. Seems he only appears when MS is around. It really seems to like him. As for bacch. Yeah kudos. They seem pretty sharp

  14. Can’t we all just get abong?

  15. Who’s buying? And how much?

  16. The commenting is sub-par around here

  17. And that’s your input for today? Well done genius. Piss off and come back with something more witty.

  18. ^too early on a saturday morning – and way too hungover – to deal with weapons-grade self-aggrandisement.
    I hate it when ausfailians discover the interwebs for the first time.

  19. Unless I’m on decent terms with said “x” (meaning a couple of years and good fucks later), they would not be on my friends list.

  20. Does Jon have a cat named Garfield, by chance?

  21. im in the mood, get ready

  22. Ah now Lebowski, you did exactly the same thing and presumed I was male and being derogatory. Whereas I could be (am) female and being facetious about the way the general comments go on here (hence the etc etc). Anyway… Bacchante can kick my arse any way she wishes. I’ve always liked a little anal beating.

  23. Lol. Gotta love a good anal beating. Lube or not?
    Hey ms. Not so much discovered. I’ve been reading for a while and always had a good giggle at you searing the others.
    Beatus he probably has a dog called Odie I’m guessing

  24. Lube, only for your own safety though; friction is a bitch.

  25. So is Diana.

  26. Dukey Smoothy Buns


  27. Wait, wait. MsAnne, how did you know damagecontrol was Australian? Was it the “piss off” that gave it away? Considering that I thought sababe was Aussie, I obviously need assistance with reading between the lines.

    lebowski and damagecontrol, aw shucks. I think you’re great.

    fuckingadude, you present a lovely proposition…

  28. ^you can always spot the aussies – because they always tell. Usually within 15 minutes.

  29. Actually, Bacchante, MsAnneThrope could tell it was an Aussie because telling someone to get a “root” is the lexicon of 13 year old boys and bogans across the nation.

  30. ^This! This! Oh sweet lord, THIS.
    Without a shred of sarcasm (honest), it’s like read my mind.

  31. How did I even miss that?!? Thank you, Emmalina, you are a princess.

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