Thursday, July 29, 2010


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  1. ben/frodo/steve

  2. Ryder’s would seem like more of a win if it didn’t remind me of Dick Ryder, the football coach at a neighboring high school where I grew up.

  3. a minute too late. Damn

  4. thecorporalflashback

    no, just no

  5. He has “Red Strokes” for a “Hard Luck Woman”

  6. And no doubt, like his country namesake, it’ll get droopy and wrinkly and he’ll lose any chance he ever had of banging a redneck groupie.

  7. Hopefully he ahs a little hat for it, and a little bootlace tie.

  8. There are way more wins so far in this comments section than there were in any comment above.

    Never knew Garth Brooks was so ripe for parody…

  9. Paranoid Android

    R.D.R.R (the new ‘lol’)

  10. mine’s called peter sutcliffe.

  11. @alordslums

    Is that because it will never see the outside world again?

  12. 😀

    no, i just thought it was a nice name.

  13. Ah I see 🙂

    I thought there was a crude ripper connotation in there…

  14. @10 – 13
    lmao! Good times

    Ryders post sucked though, I mean, seriously? notStrait?


    you do realize there is already a girth brooks out there and he does gay porn? so he renamed his dick after a gay porn star.. haha!

  16. @robotndisguise

    I’m a bit disturbed that you knew that. Here’s hoping you Googled…

    And Ryder sucks at life, both for being unfunny and for being named after a truck rental company.

  17. @Stretch

    I knew it was the name of a gay porn star because I’m gay and watch gay porn, not so different from straight guys who watch straight porn. Why is that disturbing?

    The gay porn star thing makes the “George notStrait” comment all the more appropriate.

  18. who calls their penis a Johnson?

  19. is that an ironic nickname, kind of like how fat people get nicknamed “tiny”?

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