Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Keep Lettin’ it All out

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  1. Dukey, we did better than that: We taught him the error of his ways. See, he never had good steak. He didn’t know any better. But it’s been something like 15 years since then, and now he’s an actual man who can eat a good steak without ketchup. It’s probably the only good thing I’ve ever done in my entire shitty life. But I’m guessing it’ll get me into heaven.

  2. I somehow became ethically opposed to using ketchup anytime a tomato could be used instead.

    “Keep that dirty ketchup away from my burger you filthy dog!! Hey there’s no tomatoes? Pass the ketcup please. Why thank you, this certainly is some good ketchup.”

  3. @amabang, i LoL’d at your last comment, that was well thought out

  4. thanks for the welcome back everyone…

    and word, ee… you know i’d take my t-bone and chuck your filet mignon from the flank until it was just ground beef covered in my béarnaise sauce

  5. Eww

  6. Ahh, Lamebook is back to normal.

  7. Oh nice…. I have nothing to say. I really can’y make that any funnier without jumping the shark.

  8. That’s so fucking gross, Michael. You should probably just kill yourself.. >.<

  9. Not even funny, lumpydumpy.

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