Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sharing Shirley

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  1. I fucked Shirley.

  2. ^ Shirley you didn’t.

  3. Shirley this is fake.

  4. ..and stop calling me Shirley!

  5. YorkshirebornNBread

    1. does Shirley know what jizzed is?
    2. cowboy boots….Granpa urghh (shudder)?
    3. if she wasn’t selling make up would it have had the same effect?

  6. I don’t think anyone’s silly enough to make-up something like this, T. And, Beatus, are you fucking serious? I can’t imagine what you were thinking when you thought it would be funny to spat out that clever little gem…you were giggling to yourself when you were typing that out weren’t you?…”oh, hehe, I’m beatus, dis is funnei”….but yeah…I’m full of shit, you did good boy, cuz I shirley lol’d when I read it! Now I must hang my head in shame 😀

  7. ^ If you’re hanging your head in shame, what’s with the shit-eating grin, Capn?

    Cowboy boots ain’t nothin’ without some spurs. But I DO NOT want grandpa to wear them. Ergh.

  8. Hangin’ in shame cuz it usually takes a lot more to get a chuckle outta me over here on Lamebook…and you somehow managed to pull that shit off with a cheap ass pun by the second post. Smile was my way of saying thank you without actually dropping to that level and ACTUALLY saying it…so fuck…now you’ve unintentionally tricked me twice, either that or I managed to put my proverbial foot in my mouth, again…I’m screwed if this shit ever becomes public. I know what’s coming next, so, fuck you people that are gonna have some smart ass shit to say about this ahead of time. YOU other pricks know who you are!

  9. You’re drunk again, aren’t you?

  10. I’m sure he’s drunk and high. I think he thought you were me. I don’t know why, though. I don’t have boobs.

  11. Moobs?

  12. Now there’s a perty picture, bacchante – a pirate with moobs and a wooden cock, drunk on the beach.

    Hmm, sounds like a good retirement goal.

  13. Nope, no moobs, either. I’m flat chested, even for a guy.

  14. ‘flat chested, even for a guy’?
    you mean pigeon chested, right?

  15. No, see, the problem her is for someone reason I’m actually completely sober, tonight. I have to lay off the harder shit and stick with the occasional drink, between that and all the time I’ve spent outside performing manual labor/demo/renovations to a friends house my mind seems to be slipping a bit. I do need to get my system cleaned up so I can start going to a legit doctor again and get my “meds” legaly…can’t do that if I’m all marked up and shit…Now I feel bad for mixing the names up…sorry mates! Nails? Retirement? HELL, it sounds like a PARTY to me! lez go, I’m down!

  16. here*

  17. *some…fuck…whatever…* auto-correct all damn it!

  18. don’t bother trying to spellcheck your crimes against english, for fuck’s sake.

    just hurry up and self-destruct some more. I love me a messy, drugged-up, shaved-down lemur.

  19. Missin’ that freshly shorn monkey scrotum are we? Is it ok if I just shave around the base this time? I was figurin’ on growin’ it out a couple inches and goin’ for the spikey mohawk landing strip look leading down to my beautiful shaft!

  20. as long as you remember to do your back-hair, son.

  21. So, are we talkin’ like, french/dutch braid, dreads, jheri curls, or should I go like full on radical and bust out the liberty spikes and go for the bowser look?

  22. brazillian

  23. and bleaching

  24. ^ Teeth, or asshole?

  25. teeth ffs…no anal bleaching in the sinks…’member?

  26. pretty sure no matter what part of the good cap’n you’re bleaching – you’ll always be bleaching asshole.

  27. That almost sounds like some sort of compliment, are you feeling ok?

  28. it was indeed ‘some sort of compliment’. it was a reverse compliment.
    no need to thank me, you’re totes welcome.

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