Thursday, July 26, 2012

Not Write

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  1. #1 – I wonder how long that career will last before you’re getting your ass pounded in prison…

    #2 – Oy vey.

  2. Not real.

  3. YorkshirebornNBread

    (Can’t Be Arsed!)

  4. Rapists and pedophiles, and mouthy little gits don’t last long before they end up on somebody’s list, Beatus. They’re pretty much considered the lowest of the low, and other inmates will specifically go out of their way to make them the bitches, housemen, victims of extortion, and every other degrading thing you can think of. They’re the guys polishing old man rivers “boots” and scrubbing the skid marks out of some dirty little Sureños boxers by hand all night long. Seen it happen…

  5. ^ Why the quotation marks around “boots”? What are they really polishing for Old Man Rivers?

  6. His socks

  7. He didn’t wanna swear, guys; he meant “penises.”

  8. ^why you gotta be so crass Nails?

    And if lamebook has taught us anything, it is not that you should never get a tattoo, just that you should never get one that requires words to be spelled correctly.

  9. since when has ‘boots’ been an acceptable euphemism for cock?

    since fucking never.

  10. Anything can be a euphemism for cock. It’s all in the tone of voice or waggle of eyebrow.. or, textually, use of “” or 😉

  11. you people and your beloved dick jokes. I swear I’ll never understand.

  12. ^It’s called innuendo, have you ever watched a ‘Carry On’ film?

  13. no. I prefer my humour to be more sophisticated.
    but let’s be real, any level of sophistication at all – in the fucking slightest – will do these days.

    g0d, i’m so jaded.

  14. ^ You’ll take some beloved dick innuendo though, right?

    I love it; a word that defines itself.

  15. Heh….for example, with your love for italics Ms., If you were to put jaded in them we might think you actually meant you were horny, or something…eh screw the italics…….From now on, whenever you say you’re so jaded I’m just going to assume you’re in need of a lil’ hokey pokey 🙂

  16. “inn-u-end-o” HA! I get it! I get it! Spot on, toots! 😉

  17. in-YOUR-endo, pal.

  18. Aww, that’s not nice. That’s an exit only on me, love.

  19. ^It’s prostate cancer for you, then.

  20. Meh, whatevs. That’s the least of my concerns.

  21. true. I’d be worrying about your personality first. serious.

  22. it’s nearly as atrocious as hitler

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