Friday, September 23, 2011

Sharp Shooters

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  2. The geography one is even funnier with the comments. The poster actually says he’s a college instructor. Scary, but not surprising.

  3. At least John’s student has decent penmanship.

  4. As someone not from the US, the second one really doesn’t mean much. But yes, it is funnier with the comments.

  5. Seriously? Eff geography. I love people and world cultures, but a bunch of arbitrary lines and names? Who really cares if everybody knows it? If my kids fail geography I’ll tell them to take their grade and shut up about it. Let the people who care about it ace that junk.

  6. Could someone explain the second one to me (I’m not American)? I see he got the names of the states wrong; is that it? Or are the black smudges near the right part of the joke? =S

  7. yeah thats the joke… the states are improperly named. the black smudges are the great lakes.

  8. Shut up goober

  9. Ripley is correct, John states he teaches college. However, given the little math that students know going into college, it is not surprising. Hilarious, though, especially with the extra comments.

  10. I should say, given that I know how little math students know coming into college…

  11. Am i missing something? John never states that he teaches college. He only says he conducted a history exam. And what extra comments? All i see is his comment?!? Is lamebook playing funny buggers again?

  12. yeah, i’m with bradles on this one.

  13. LB deleted (didn’t receive?) additional comments on John’s post which are visible on other places that posted it. Including a follow-up in which he was asked if he taught like remedial ret@ards in Kindergarten and he replied that he teaches college.

  14. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    I’m not American, but even I know that no one gives a fuck about the Mid-west and that all those states are basically the same place anyway.

  15. Incorrect, drchalk.
    I live in Indiana, and I can say for certainty that the Midwest is made up of distinct states: for example, Indiana has corn and music, Illinois has music and pizza, and Ohio has crippling shame.

    Also: I never noticed this, but apparently the Great Lakes are right outside my window.

  16. Being Canadian, I don’t understand the second one.
    Let’s see if the comments help…
    Ahhh.. the states are wrong. That is sooooo Lamebook worthy. *sarcasm

  17. ^ Shut up, jag.
    The state names are so ridiculously wrong that it’s absurd.
    If the person who took this quiz was born in the United States, they should be extremely ashamed of themselves.

  18. i took an online quiz on the location of the states, and i got 98% (i got vermont and new hampshire mixed up). i have only visited the country once, and that was 10 years ago. i am neither an autistic savant, nor a geography teacher, nor do i have a particular interest in the united states of america.

    which raises the question: what exactly goes on at american schools? i always assumed they sat around chanting “alabama alaska arizona…”, so that even the dumbest kids would at least know that. how can someone that stupid get into college? americans, where is your education system going wrong?

  19. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    If there’s 50 states and you got two of them wrong, that means you scored 96%.

  20. Welcome back, mad2. That is all. I’ve seen so much stupidity in the world, especially here in the US as of late, the the fucks I give is finally down to 0.

    No more tears shall be wept.

  21. Yes, it would appear that vincent’s vaunted education from outside the States skipped over percentages.
    In any case, American schools are geared toward a singular goal: that no child should ever be allowed to be better than another. To this end, each year they find the stupidist child in the country, and no one is allowed to learn anything that child doesn’t learn. Also, we spend a huge portion of our budget on teaching ret@rds and almost none on teaching normal/smart kids (that money is needed to bomb the mid east, you know).
    Thank you Keona.

  22. mad2 – holy shit, that’s depressing, and I’m not even from the States.

  23. “stupidist”

  24. It’s the T-ball of education…

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