Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Shoot for the stars…

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  1. STEEEEEEEEVERRRRRRRRRRR came first once again! Report that CNN!!!

  2. Do it in one and then we can talk

  3. I guess you’re a fatass then, OP.
    A filthy fatass who likes to read the news.

  4. Was just watching CNN, and they reported that STEEEEVEEERRRRR is a DOOOOOOOOUCHBAGGGGGGG!

  5. CNN’s really stretching for stories.

  6. Side note – it looks like ios7 is making the post comment button turn invisible.

  7. Steeever sure seems to like to come first.

    In other news, women report they would rather date Ariel Castro than Steever.

  8. iOS7<Death by fire

  9. indeed

  10. I can’t decide whether or not I should take out my window air conditioner.

  11. What a donut!

  12. HAHA! It’s funny because all Americans are fucking morbidly obese, wobbly bellied, chunky gun toting, pie eating cunts.

    Yeah, Yeah… Go cry into your pancakes and syrup you fat twats.

  13. Not all of us are obese. I may or may not tote a gun.

    We decided as a nation that your laws, well, sucked and decided on ones we liked. Well, our forefathers that is. I happen to like them too. And if you look at statistics, we have less rape, less assault victims and less total crime victims and higher perception of safety. You, no guns and us fat Americans having the option and right to own guns.

    So eat your scone with your eyes in the back of your head always having to know you stand a higher chance of being raped because your criminals know you DON’T have a gun. Freedom tastes yummy!!!

  14. Oh….and you can keep Steeever and your spotted dick. I’ll take Noobsauce and apple pies. Bitches.

  15. I’m not fat, either. But I have a gun, and the barrel is pressed against Lmamofo’s skull right now. Don’t you DARE cry in your cereal.

    Just kidding. I only shoot back.

    Eating a donut in four bites is no major feat. After all, it takes only three licks to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Pop.

  16. And exactly where have you been, beatusmongous? *taps.foot* Do you know that the comments have gone to hell in a handbasket in your absence?

  17. I’m an American, and I don’t carry a gun. I carry a club, in my pants…If you’re a good boy I’ll let ye’ polish it fer me!

  18. Moby are the people of Chicago feeling a higher perception of safety?

  19. Probably not. Nor do people in DC I’m sure.

  20. moby If you check the statistics I think you’ll find that you’re a number crunching, mum fisting, total and utter cunt.

    Beatus I’m happy to see ya again fella, I think we both know what weapon I’d push against your skull given half a chance. You’d fucking love it too, you filth hole!

  21. Well, you are what you eat. I’m a cunt.

    Bigdog….did you see where Tony Blairs daughter was held at gunpoint in London? How is the weapons ban working out in jolly ole’ England?

  22. And mum fisting….your mom asked for it.

  23. Is that you Gramps?!

  24. Is that a club in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?

  25. Why can’t it be both!

  26. Very well Moby because one person being held at gunpoint in England is news, in USA it’s as regular as marrying your cousin!

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