Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Short and Not So Sweet

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  1. Okay, come on. The emo joke? Seriously?

  2. Elizabeth’s made me laugh, Lauren’s confused me, and the first guy’s just a dick. Ooooh, people are dying in Haiti – LMAO! Brilliant. Fucking tool.

    Ha, Lamebook makes me uneccesarily angry. And bad at spelling.

  3. @BritishHobo

    I think Elizabeth is a teacher and one of her students made a list of what he’s thankful for. It was a week before Thanksgiving, and due to the nature of the assignment, I’d say the students are between 5 and 10 years old.

    On this list, the student wrote the teachers name as third and Jesus/God as 13th. She’s probably hot, my 4th grade teacher was smokin’, haha.

    The emo joke is old… I preferred “I wish my hair was emo, so that it would cut itself, though.”

  4. Crap, not Elizabeth… I think Lauren is a teacher.

  5. I had never heard the emo one. Pretty funny, I can see my dad saying that.

  6. I wish my lawn was emo. I HATE yard work. Blah. Go Emo Lawn!

  7. ROFL saving for an abortion in a prego tomato sauce jar. Excellent

  8. That emo joke needs to go away. It’s as old as knock knock’s

  9. Emo jokes is as old as the internets. And the dumb prego joke is word for word from tfln a long time ago.

  10. Elizabeth is a nasty!!

  11. @mcowles: Aha, I quite like that one now. Made me laugh, after you showed me what it meant XD

  12. I thought all except the student one were clever. Just because it’s old doesn’t mean it’s not funny (see: when is a door not a door?)

  13. The last one is one of the many statuses on here stolen from Texts From Last Night. some people have absolutely no creativity whatsoever.

  14. None of these except for the teacher’s are original. And the teacher’s wasn’t funny. Lamebook FAIL.

  15. Those are all from Sickipedia and TFLN

  16. The last one is another rip-off from Texts From Last Night. Yes, I am aware of the fact that lamebook doesn’t know all the TFLN-posts, I don’t blame them. I blame those stupid kids who think it’s original to steal a “funny” comment from somewhere else.

  17. The last one was a Text From Last Night, if I’m not mistaken

  18. The first one? That’s not even funny, and whoever liked it sent it in, come on..

    Emo one? Oldest joke, not even funny. Besides, would you want your lawn covered in black like emos 😛

    And a text from last night rip-off….

    This is all retarded.

  19. I’m not angry at you Lamebook, I’m just disappointed.

  20. Disliked because of the emo joke….. soo old…

  21. She should have used a can of Spam.

  22. If she would’ve used a condom, she’d be on the Ragu now, instead, she’s Prego.

    Thanks, I’ll be here all week… except Thursday.

  23. Elizabeth’s was funny. The rest just disappoint me.

    @mcowles – I think I love you! Ragu…haha! Win!

  24. Elizabeths was stolen from TFLN.

  25. @beckyboo

    You don’t reall love me… you just love the IDEA of love. You’ll find a nice boy out there one day that you can share a life with and then you’ll know what true love is. However, in the meantime, are you busy tonight between 11:30 and 11:45pm?


  27. I know others have already said it, but Elizabeth’s status is from TFLN.


  28. mcowles FTW. Ragu.

  29. It was so beautiful, I am still laughing. Out loud, even.

  30. mcowles FTW!

  31. I guess we can all submit old jokes and get away with it.

  32. Long time reader, first time poster. Glad that other people here noticed Elizabeth’s is from TFLN. It got sad when I started hitting random and had read over half the entrys… Also a sad day when I had read everything on Lamebook and started cross-referencing them to other interwebby sites. There was nothing left to do but register and get amongst it! 😀

  33. I’m with grammarpolice.

  34. the lawn thing isnt new. Ive seen it somewhere else before

  35. Wish people would stop making jokes about Haiti.. Its a serious problem and still is! and jokes about it are sick, behond sick thats humourous! It’s just sick and cruel! the emo one -> old and lame!! The rest, always funny

  36. Actualy… None of these are funny at all!!

  37. worst_episode_ever

    agreed, haiti = not funny. jason and the submitter are douche bags.

    lauren sounds like a fucken bitch, the kids were sucking up obviously and it went straight to her big ol’ head.

    and that emo joke was funny the first time i heard it… 5yrs ago… LAME

  38. on the Ragu, LMFAO @Mcowles. Dude, you crack me up. ba dump bump, Don’t forget to tip your waitresses, folks.

  39. I don’t know how this like/dislike thing works. Does it mean if you find it funny or not? If you think the post is a sad reflection of the state of humanity, but you like the fact that someone shared it here, is that a like or dislike?

    I prefer the emo lawn to emo hair.

  40. I like these. Try peopleofwalmart and pleasedontforward.com too for comedy value.

  41. POWM rocks and I will have to check out pleasedontforward. Thanks for the tip.

  42. Kate needs to suck it.

  43. @thelonious #39
    I think it works a lil’ like FML (or TFLN. I dunno how it works there). You just vote for positive or negative depending on the content. The fact that you voted or commented or are still here shows that you still support this site. If you think a post’s not worth viewing, don’t vote or comment. Teehee

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