Thursday, September 29, 2011

Short and Sweet!

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  1. Fred Durst

  2. I like to think that’s the same Andrew who just changed his profile picture.



  4. Mad – wouldn’t they both be in the same location, then?

    I agree with Sarah – mosquitos and fleas.

  5. Not if they changed locations. Perhaps he moved.
    Actually I did not bother checking the locations.

  6. frapist*

  7. Mosquitoes are actually great pollinators.

  8. I honestly think that mosquitoes are a non-pointless evolution.

    Also Jessi, that’s only true for male mosquitoes…

  9. Christopher, trust you… because you know? Because you regret the decision you made?

    mad2, first, assuming your statement that only male mosquitoes are great polinators is true, Jessi’s statement is still true. So there’s no purpose to your statement, so just shut up.

    second, female mosquitoes also pollinate, so just shut up.

    third, although both male and female mosquitoes pollinate, neither are “great” pollinators. I do a much better job with a small paint brush. So just shut up.

  10. They pollinate my anger with venom.

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