Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Should You Post That Status Update?

“Use this handy guide to avoid posting a Lamebook-worthy status update!”
via Cracked.com

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  1. boobies

  2. lol amazing.

  3. i love malteaser too

    I make far more interesting flow charts for testing signal flows in Boeing 747s.

  4. Why should Sadie post? That seems like the exact thing that -shouldn’t- be posted!

    I love flowcharts, and I enjoy that this one like describes every post that ever arrives on Lamebook. So a half thumbs-up from me.


  5. i’ve been waiting for someone to make this so i could post it myself and tag the idiotic “friends” i have on fb. viva la revolucion!

  6. A fellow pilot on lamebook. Nice.

  7. i love malteaser too

    Where would, “Are you not afraid of facing the grammar nazis?” fit in?

  8. I just took the biggest shit ever!!!! I mean, there was so much it rose above the water in all it’s glory.

    Sadie’s got nothing on me.

  9. I’m more ubsested with Lamebook than with Facebook. Ubsestion can be good for you.

  10. Oooh, Internet snark expressed in a flowchart. Haven’t seen that before…

  11. Want to post this on Facebook.

    Thnik it should just go straight from ‘Should I post this status update?’ to ‘No.’

  12. If this was more coherent, it would be funnier. I get the feeling the author spent more time getting the boxes on the flowchart to line up evenly than he did on the actual content. The cracked article linked includes a point-based system for determining the worth of an FB update which is actually quite a bit funnier than this chart.

  13. Think.

  14. i love malteaser too


  15. i love malteaser too

    @Sensible: There was an awesome news report made by a brilliant news anchor named Eric Cartman which was posted on his website a few weeks ago. However it turned out that they did not use that clip for actual episode. It was so awesome. Did the cracked article use a similar rationale for estimating the worth of a facebook profile like a stock?

  16. cracked.com ftw.

  17. i love malteaser too

    * …like a share in the stock market

  18. @ i love malteaser too

    slacking at the lazy b huh… dont blame you… im on a different program and I agree… wiring diagrams would be more interesting than this flow chart

  19. Ben!

  20. i love malteaser too

    @slim: wiring diagrams? I can feel the spark already. Lets plug it in.

    (I am allowed to make lame puns here on lamebook. They’re more amusing than typos)

  21. i love malteaser too

    Oh and my signal testing skills will make you fly high. _Very_ high.

  22. Puns are better than typos… its shocking how much my power rod will send tingles through you

  23. Yes! Crackedheads unite!

  24. well im actually in high pressure systems… let me apply some of my pressure and get you high

  25. lol

  26. Are flow charts going to be to the 2010s what top 10 lists were to the 2000s? If so, can we jump ahead to 2020 and see if they’ve come up with anything funnier yet? Sniff.

  27. Lame flow chart is lame.

  28. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    * waves at malteaser*

  29. @SensibleMadness

    you’re right, the point system is much funnier.

    and if you have reason to question the appropriateness of your status update, the answer is DON’T POST IT. unless it’s funny.

  30. I thought it was funny. I’d post that shit.

  31. Never thought I’d see Cracked on lamebook! I am a Crackhead <3 though gotta admit, this is weaksauce.

  32. i love malteaser too

    @ slim: Sorry, our charged talk had to be nipped in the bud. I should have commented at position #26. I love the idea of malteaser being sandwiched between you and me.

    On that note, the position I am in currently (in this chair) also ain’t half bad.

  33. I would die for a party with Slim, Soup, Malteeser and Hobo when he is not being grouchy. I would also invite Een, Word, and Hoboette and any other that I might have forgotten. You guys have made me laugh every day and I must say made me feel quite horny at times 🙂

  34. eeep Malteaser, lol

  35. Hi, my name is SeeBea and Ima Crackedhead.

  36. baahahahahaha love it.

    -Gods investment in you (His son!) was SO great, he could never abandon you!-

  37. On the no-side: check if your username is elixabeth before you post anywhere.

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