Monday, April 29, 2013

Sibling Surprises

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  1. 15 year old? FUCK YEAH!!! Just the way I like ’em.

  2. Tl;dr.

  3. The most humiliating part of this whole Facebook drama is that her writing is better than his.

  4. They are both sound like unlikeable assholes.

  5. too fake, didn’t read

  6. what the fuck is skive

  7. Now, I’m no Freudian psychoanalyst, but when I read this I think what they’re saying is:

    He can’t punish his mother, so he’d like to punish his sister instead.

    Eddie will do so by taking it into his hands and ‘hiding’ his ‘remote’ somewhere his sister wouldn’t expect.

    She has won, however, as she has found ‘another box’ in a mystery, unorthodox location, into which she can re-insert Eddie’s leads.

  8. Oh, the British. Still slapping each other in the face with gloves.

  9. 15 yr olds love a big dick in that tight pussy of theirs.Imogen forgot to tell her bro that she’s sucking and fucking a hung stud on the kitchen table! Fucking slut is gonna get seasoned with man mayo.

  10. Firstly when siblings converse they don’t sign off “your sister.” They also don’t mention age because the other sibling and the friends reading this already know how old they are. Weird. Never in my life have I ever said ” your 25 year old sister” to my brother.

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